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I received this message from his girlfriend this morning after I'd sent my condolences..


"Its ok I want people to know and understand, Jon had a very long battle with his anxiety and he always had a drink but no one would ever have assumed he had a problem because he was so confident and kind and loving and functioned so well at work. By the time we realised he was so ill it just happened so fast, his health deteriorated so quickly and he never wanted a fuss or wanted any trouble so by the time he was forced into going to hospital it was already too late. XX thank you for your comments. Jon was always happy with people he loved and newcastle made him happy so so happy xx"




I have his parents address if anyone wants it and will send some flowers.

Can we set up a tioontastic collection? Would feel daft sending owt personally not knowing him, but would like to contribute to something from the lot of us. Flowers and a charity donation or summat.


No doubt NO are doing something but I'm not so regular there.

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Just been reading some of his last posts on NO and in retrospect he was obviously having some major problems. Terribly sad.

Aye, felt very ghoulish doing it, but I've just done the same. Absolutely awful, the poor bloke.

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Floored me, this. Can't believe it. Throughout my time on N-O, he was the only poster I struck up an actual friendship with. A positive person, we used to share PMs having a chuckle at the melodramatic nature of the place. When I got banned, he was one of the only people to make an effort to check why. He was the one who suggested I start posting on here instead. I've never used forums to meet people, but Jon was just the kind of guy you couldn't help but warm to. 'Was' man, for fuck sake.


Had no idea that he had these kind of problems, other than a struggle with anxiety. I'm left disappointed that he didn't post more regularly here, as I'd fallen out of touch with him.


RIP Jon, mate. You'll be missed, so much.

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I messaged his mam (mistakingly thinking it was his sister) earlier and this was her reply..


Thank you I am Jon's Mum Rachel is his sister, Thank you so much I am so pleased that his Newcastle friends are aware as I know he would have wanted you all too know, He loved Newcastle and his beloved team, never changed, we are going to get his shearer shirt on him as soon as we can, I told him yesterday after he passed this is what we will do, Please say a big thank you to all his mates up there, Love you all Naomi

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thanks for the update Cath x


seems silly but its been ages since i was on here, i've spent the last 3 hours just reading past threads and catching up with everything, :cry:

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