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Jamaal Lascelles and Karl Darlow


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"I think I’ve improved leaps and bounds since he’s been here - not just as a footballer but as a person and as a captain. I’ve still got a lot more to offer too."


"This contract will take me until I’m 29 or 30 so I’m really happy to have that commitment here at this club because I know we’ve got so much more potential and I want to try get as high as we can."


"I am very young but I just see it as exciting times to come because as a centre-half, and especially as a captain, you don’t peak until you’re a lot older. I’ve still got a lot of growing to do in terms of the way I play and as a captain as well. It’s early on but there’s definitely a lot more to come and I’m pleased the manager is here."


"We have great fans, I have good people around me and everything is set up. It’s up to me to make sure I stay humble and focused on my job. In football there’s loads of ups and downs, and it’s just how you manage them. It was quite hard me breaking into the team the first year, but when the manager came in he’s obviously liked me and played me and we’ve done well."


"It was hard [to break into the team], we had some really good centre-backs here, with Coloccini as the captain and there was a lot of competition."


"I think the turning point for me was probably Southampton away. After that game, we sort of went on an unbeaten run, we beat Swansea 3-0 the game after, I scored and I thought we were quite unlucky not to stay up. That for me was definitely the turning point."


"Now we’ve got a really good group of lads, the manager and the staff are excellent so I think we just need to keep doing what we’re doing and we can really push on this season."


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"My one was a negative one that I got involved in to be honest with you."


"I was going through the process that I was about to leave Newcastle United and we were training and my head had basically gone by this point."


"I’d gone to receive the ball in midfield and Celestine Babayaro has come flying in and two-footed me, I’ve gone flying up in the air - and we’ve just gone at each other."


"We’ve had a little bit of a tussle, we got split up, Scotty Parker was trying to talk to me on the way off, but I literally got in the car with my boots on and drove home."


"I was sat in my house, literally in my training kit, fuming. I remember, I rang my Mum and she was like: ‘Jermaine, get your so-and-so back to the training ground now because you know this is about to probably come up on the news at any moment."


"So I drove back and Graeme Souness was sat in his car and he said: ‘Look, what’s going on? This isn’t like you’."


"He understood at that point that my head wasn’t in the right place, that I didn’t feel the club was treating me in the right way, which kind of fed itself on to the pitch."


"So that was the negative of that type of situation, but this [time with Lascelles and Diame] it sounds like a positive."


--Jermaine Jenas--


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21 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

the scottish fuckpig :lol:


he had some issues that mad old bastard

He despised Souness but absolved the board of any blame for appointing him. I mean, I quite liked discussing things with him at times, you know Tony Green and shit like that? But his intransigence on stuff like the board was just bizarre.

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10 hours ago, Alex said:

I mean, I quite liked discussing things with him at times, you know Tony Green and shit like that? But his intransigence on stuff like the board was just bizarre.


He was fine until Ant infected his computer :) 

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He's stopped insisting I hold you all to account, which makes me worry for his health. A healthy Leazes would surely have sent 30 misspelled tweets my way after yesterdays news?

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46 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

he was off his tits tbf. he was always accusing me of saying things i never said. i had to put him on ignore in the end as he was killing this place. 

You're a big baby, he was just telling you how it is.

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