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Have you missed me?

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:loser: Anyone think I'd left the planet cos I wasn't posting?

Had a problem with nasty abrasions on the cornea of both eyes and could hardly see for a month and not quite %100 yet.

Missed seeing the Villa and Spurs matches cos I couldn't see, and could only listen to the commentators who don't give you much to go on how the game is going.

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Thank you for the Welcome Back posts.


Gemmel, must admit I missed me bird watching.

Ewerk, I'll settle for 20/25 which it was before, right now 20/40.

Rayvin, I know, but maybe I can find it on U-Tube later.

Looney Toony, possibly the scope went too far up me bum and scratched me eye-balls.

Ginger Quiff, Wilson didn't help the healing process.

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