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Euro 2016 - They're even letting Wales and Northern Ireland have a Go!

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Couple of weeks left, may as well get it all in one place. I'll use my expert knowledge to bring you the only preview you need/


I don't know how the brackets will work out but I'm assuming that, if France win their group, UEFA have made sure they only have to play the Wigan Under 21s or something similarly easy so I'm being obvious and making them one of the favourites.


Spain have left behind all those snide little arseholes you see playing in England every week and replaced them with snide little arseholes who play in Spain every week.


The Germans could throw a dart at 23 players and get to the Semis.


Can Belgium successfully bore teams into submission?


Poland, Croatia, Austria and Portugal are all supposed to be canny sides according to the Euro 2016 World Soccer preview so bang a fiver on one of them knocking England out.


Italy called up Davide Santon recently so they can't be any good.


Both Irelands are going. Northern Ireland is full of lads we'll be playing against next season and the Republic is made up entirely of players who play for Stoke and Bournemouth, probably.


We have a game against Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey and 9 other lads.


Right, there you go. Kicks off on Friday 10th with Albania vs. France. Probably ends with Hodgson getting sacked.

Post of the tournament :lol:

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I think this could be one where an unfancied team win it. Was looking at some of the squads last night and I don't fancy France or Italy at all. Spain look light up front. Germany look comfortably the strongest (although they don't seem to have much in out and out strikers) but they haven't been doing as well recently. I think England have a chance but we're just as likely to not qualify. Could see someone like Poland doing well.

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One thing that struck me watching that Euro 96 thing last night was how many leaders we had in the team back then. Adams, Pearce, Ince, Shearer, Spunky, Sheringham, Platt. Look at us now and I really don't see a leader in there at all. That something we're definitely lacking.

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Aye late on.


It'll be on iplayer I imagine, well worth a watch and even Shearer displayed some human, non robotic traits on TV.


He did a really good job of capturing the feeling of the tournament. It feels like another world compared to football & footballers now.

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I think anything can happen with England this time. There's no point getting excited about deservedly beating Germany in Berlin, we did exactly the same thing in the build up to South Africa 2010 and we all know what happened. If we get to the QF that'll do me this time, just some improvement.


As I said earlier these will win it.




They just will. I'm quite excited by it. I hope Wales do shite though, sheep shaggin cunts.

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top scorer- Giroud


grp D winners- czech republic


england fail to get out of grp


3 bets am looking at.


Cant decide on bettin on wales.


any hot options ?

Ridiculous that mind. Starving kids in Africa and you waste money like that.

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Roy Keane has sensationally walked out of the Republic of Irelands training headquarters in Versailles. Assistant Manager Keane recently slammed the Irish squad after a poor final warm-up game against Belarus, and has reportedly been unhappy with preparations.


The usual nonsense, Keane told Soccer on Sunday. Players not tuned in, thinking were here for a jolly. I burst into Aidan McGeadys bedroom this morning to tell him hes shite. I was looking for a strong reaction, but the lad burst into tears. Please Roy, not again, I cant take it any more. Usual. Not strong enough. Mentally, afraid of that next step.


And the facilities are a joke, added the Corkman. I went out at 3 am this morning with a hacksaw and had the goalposts down in 45 minutes flat. Shoddy craftsmanship. A bit of petrol, and the bibs went up like a bonfire too. Not even flame-retardant. Now weve no goalposts and no gear. Typical FAI.


With Keane gone, several members of the squad admit to feeling relieved.


Roy frightens me, James McCarthy told Soccer on Sunday. He asked me how I was feeling yesterday, and when I said I found a bit of blood in my stool, he lost it. Its a mans game, he roared at me. Your poo should be redder than Alex Fergusons nose. Then he told me I was turning into a right little McGeady, which was horrible for Aidan because he was standing a few feet away with his parents.


He also kept screaming that Im just like my ould fella, the Everton midfielder added. I think he thinks Im Mick McCarthys son. It would explain why he always asks after my dad, and seems disappointed when I say hes doing well.


Ireland manager Martin ONeill is disappointed, but not surprised to have lost Keane.


Roy is Roy, he told Soccer on Sunday. It was always likely to end this way. Do I wish he hadnt walked out? Yes. Do I wish he hadnt sliced all of our footballs in two, and cut the nipples out of every match-day jersey? Absolutely. But the show goes on."

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