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Fulham vs Newcastle at Craven Cottage


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We haven't played these since they went down in 13/14 according to some website I'm on now.

These are shit now though and have finished 17th and 20th in the last two years.

Ross McCormack has been their top scorer in that time with 38 goals in 89 league matches but he may be leaving the club with Norwich reportedly interested.



0 - KCG

1 - Tom, ToonMarshy, The Mighty Hog, Kitman, OTF, angrysteve, ChezGiven, Holden McGroin,gpirlo68, Renton

2 - ewerk, David Kelly, Rayvin, Dougle, @yourservice, StoneColdStephenIreland, The Fish,PaddockLad, tooner, Dickie, Geordie1973, Sir Bob Almighty!, AJack, Noelie, barnabox,acrossthepond, wykikitoon, Howay, trophyshy

3 - Happy Fac

e, Monkeys Fist, Anorthernsoul, Andrew, scoobos, trooper, ohhh_yeah, McFaul ,Ausman, strawb, zico martin, JonGoodwyn, Bryn5

4+ Haydnator, Christmas Tree



0 - ewerk, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Andrew, Haydnator, trooper, The Fish, McFaul , Dickie, Sir Bob Almighty!, wykikitoon, strawb, Howay

1 - Happy Face, Tom, David Kelly, Monkeys Fist, Anorthernsoul, Rayvin, Dougle, scoobos, The Mighty Hog, ohhh_yeah, StoneColdStephenIreland, Kitman, OTF, tooner, Geordie1973,angrysteve, AJack, Ausman, barnabox, acrossthepond, ChezGiven, Christmas Tree , Holden McGroin, zico martin, gpirlo68, JonGoodwyn, Bryn5, Renton

2 - @yourservice, PaddockLad, Noelie, trophyshy

3 - ToonMarshy


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I'm going to the match. Looking forward to it, though my recent history of results when attending craven cottage is even worse than my overall game attendance record, which is saying something, so I would be cautious to back an away win.

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Probably going to be in an airport at the time we play so sort of gutted it's on Friday rather than Saturday. Hoping to catch some of it, if not I might just avoid the scoreline altogether and watch it later.


I reckon we'll win, Rafa will have them keen for this imo and will want to make a statement. 0-2 with Mitro on the scoresheet.

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I'm not confident at all this season. Maybe it's because I've paid little attentions to the new signing, maybe it's because I have little faith in our forwards, maybe it's because we looked amateurish on Saturday, maybe it's because I'm a big girls blouse.


I'm not even sure what our first choice 11 is meant to be.


Hoping it's just a fleeting negative nancy moment and we look great for this game.

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