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Newcastle United v Sheffield Wednesday - Mon 26th December @ 19:45 on Sky

Predict the Score  

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NUFC To Score
0 - sammynb, TheGingerQuiff
1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, StoneColdStephenIreland, wykikitoon, Ant
2 - Happy Face, Dr Gloom, Rayvin, OTF, The Fish, tooner, Dougle, ohhh_yeah, barnabox
3 - strawb, zico martin, Andrew, Howay, aimaad22, ToonMarshy, Monkeys Fist, Anorthernsoul, MiddleAgeCool, scoobos, Jintsay, acrossthepond, ewerk
4+ - @yourservice, Kitman
NUFC To Concede
0 - Happy Face, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Dr Gloom, zico martin, Rayvin, OTF, StoneColdStephenIreland, wykikitoon, Howay, aimaad22, The Fish, tooner, Kitman, ohhh_yeah, scoobos, ewerk
1 - strawb, Andrew, ToonMarshy, Monkeys Fist, Anorthernsoul, Ant, @yourservice, MiddleAgeCool, Dougle, Jintsay, barnabox, acrossthepond
2 - sammynb
3 - 
4+ - TheGingerQuiff
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To be fair, we've had/have a glut of games since Leeds in late November all the way to end of February.  Roughly every second game televised.  Long may that continue.


Looking forward to it too. :)

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