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1 minute ago, Kid Dynamite said:

Apparently Gayle's only scored in 1 if his last 20 appearances for us.


Joselu must have similar figures 


Didnt Gayle get 2 against Bournemouth? Not that 3s much better :lol:

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6 hours ago, Billy Whitehurst said:

Who on earth is going to buy him? I can see us loaning him out, heavily subsidising his wages. Same with Manquillo, who has also been an unmitigated disaster.

You are looking at this via Premier League eyes. 

He and his fella championship standard players will be snapped up. Rivierre I don't know maybe the Heed ? 

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When he came on yesterday, Dubravka knocked it long towards the front two. The ball is hurtling over toward Joselu and Dawson and Joselu was looking over to Slimani to see if he was going to challenge for it. Another one of our players who is probably a good lad but is absolutely thick as fuck in footballing terms.

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1 hour ago, Howay said:

I get they’re a lower level but what the fuck have they seen of him in the last few years that made them think “aye he’s the man for us”. 


Probably the same as what every other club he's been at, "Well he scored for Real Madrid so there must be a player in there somewhere".

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