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Toon v AFC Bournemouth

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Didn't he do well?

Rondon is essentially the Colossus of Rhodes given corporeal form. I thought he was absolutely immense, he bullied every Bournemouth player he was up against, held the ball up immensely well but more

He could have had 4 today, showed what he can do with some good service. Thought Fernandez was class again today.      

the same thread starter and a similar prediction to the watford game, which means we're dead certs now and are guaranteed a win - all thanks to trooper. good work, mate. no one else is allowed to start a thread while we we're on this trooper-inspired winning run. 

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Muto makes no difference as it's a dead cert that Perez would have been in for him anyway.  I actually think it might help us having to play Ki instead of Shelvey.  Voldemort hasn't been in great form (I got told last Friday he'd been carrying an injury for weeks but wanted to keep playing to try to help the team) and Diame upped his game a hell of a lot when he went off.  


I'll go for another 2-0 prediction.

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Heh. wrong thread.


Same lineup as last week!  :)




Yedlin          Lacelles           Fernandez     Dummett


                         Shelvey      Ki


Ritchie                     Kenedy             Samir Nasri





Which is much better than Alex's queer lineup -_-



C. Alberto       Scirea   Baresi       Maldini


         Pele          Maradona       Cruyff


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As a measure of my confidence in us getting three points this afternoon I’ve backed Bournemouth to win in our betting WhatsApp group, much to the amusement of the three AFCB supporters amsngst the 10 members. We’ve never won so much as a fuckin penny in the 5-6 years we’ve been doing it so am fully expecting AFCB to win but some other mug to let us down ...  

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