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The dignified cabbage’s 1000th game

Dr Gloom

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2 hours ago, Monkeys Fist said:

Neither of the Gravy Seals would stand a chance against Colin “The Wanker” Wanker. 



Now he is the one to be scared of.

Imagine that on top of you.


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15 minutes ago, Isegrim said:

Brucey is furious not getting a shirt looking like bacon rashers as well.

Looks like Craig Hope just asked him a mildly difficult question

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4 minutes ago, NJS said:

As pointed out in a couple of replies, it was under Rafa that the Man Utd rumours happened. 


Pointless lying sack of lard. 

I am not sure it is relevant if Brucey from the nice family was manager at the time. Brucey might have known about the lack of interest when Rafa was the manager.

What  it does show is that Bruce wants to deflect criticism of his poor management again saying that Sean wasn’t that good anyway and overrated. His lack of form and decreasing market value certainly had nothing to do with his jurassic approach to managing a football team and players…

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