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Crystal Phallus v Graeme Jones’ still shite but rich doylems

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Jonjo has passed away. RIP u will live on forever. Cant believe it. I wanna run to u. Really cant believe this. @

🎵 It's time to play the music It's time to light the lights It's time to get things started for the Muppet show tonight!   Parrrrrrrrrp! 🎶    

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1 minute ago, wykikitoon said:

Viera confronting the ref.  No doubt will get invited to the FA Christmas dinner.


It was a clear and obvious foul, Vieira should be confronting two people, whichever player of his was pulling the shirt, and Benteke for not already finishing the game off.

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Just now, Rayvin said:

Dunno how we got a point, but if there's any sense at all that Palace have been robbed then I am extremely pleased and I hope they choke on it.

Everyone back to Haggerston for pints at Nervous Nellys. :nufc:

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With regard the supposed turnaround about the Arabic dress I think the distinction is that people wear traditional dress, as opposed to a dirty old tea towel and an inflatable camel. I presume that way it could be seen as an homage, as opposed to a parody of their culture. 

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1 minute ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

Fucking grim performance. And its

not even one of those where the result might give a bit of confidence, we were saved by a VAR call that none of our players even appeared for.


It was 100% a foul, he had a full hand of his shirt and pushed him over for good measure. 

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6 minutes ago, Kid Dynamite said:

Get our whipping from Chelsea over and we have Burnley, Brentford, Norwich and Brighton as 4 of the next 5 matches. That's our chance to kickstart the season prior to the transfer window 


Burnley, Brentford and Norwich at home. If we don't get at least seven points from that lot mid December to January is looking grim. 

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