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Jones Cabbage Soup Legacy v Tuchel's Tall Tossers - SJP Sat 15:00

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The biggest fanny of them all. Spending some of that £8m payoff, and thanking his son for running around behind him with a poop-scoop. 

Alex Bruce seems to have inherited the overactive pastry gland 

Big fan of Hope cherry picking that quote out as well  

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People are going to have to get used to the idea that this won’t always be daft lads dressing up and is often going to be visitors from Saudi Arabia.


Although with that blazer on over the top he looks like hes on his way to a stag do :lol: 

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Every done any exercise? Heard of active recovery?


They could even have a session of conditioning that would be beneficial. Miles more productive than sitting playing Fifa 


So basically yes its simple math

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3 hours ago, TheGingerQuiff said:

It's not simple maths though, is it? Ever heard of "fatigue", Jonesy lad? Who needs sports scientists with this kid in charge?


Dunno like. From where I'm sitting it looks more like the only cunt that was fatigued by Thursday and insisted on the extra day off was Bruce.


What I do know is that anytime I've had a fairly unfulfilling job, unexpected paid days off did fuck all to make me want to work harder or take it more seriously. 

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“I’m off to Portugal….you lads….err take the week off”


”we’re playing on Saturday boss” 


“errrr maybe take the weekend off an all”

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15 minutes ago, Tom said:

Aye especially with Bruce saying how shite we are every week and that we shouldn’t expect much because it isn’t the 90s etc etc 

Pull our socks up. Did he mean off the changing room floor? 

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Obviously it barely needs to be said regardless, but if these are the kind of line-ups Jones is going to pick, the quicker we get a new manager in the better. Of course I'll gladly eat my words if we manage a result come ten to five. On a side note Tuchel is probably worse than Pep for taking players randomly in and out of the team. Bought Mount for my FF team and he's not even in the Squad 😗

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