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2 minutes ago, Holden McGroin said:

What happened with Munteanu? Wikipedia says he was there 3 years but never played a game.

He did a good preseason (but Atletico have never confirmed as new player). He simply signed a 3-year contract, but he only trained for a few weeks in his first year and never came back.


They were very strange and difficult years in the history of Atlético. And if I tell you anecdotes... You would never believe them.

For example, that the president took four African boys without papers from the street and made them look like four soccer players, to justify the disappearance of several million pesetas.

Once upon a time, Atlético de Madrid presented Fernando Hierro at their stadium as a new signing with his shirt and everything (he was playing for Valladolid at the time). And that same afternoon... Real Madrid announced that they had signed Hierro himself, who later became a Real Madrid Legend.

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6 minutes ago, wykikitoon said:

They were free agents, surely? 

No no.


The case of Julio Alves (who is the cousin of central defender Bruno Alves) was very curious. Atlético's Sports Director was denying the signing for weeks. And even, he went so far as to say that he didn't even know who he was. But the player was seen by the Sports City.

On the last market day, Atleti registered Julio Alves in the Federation as a new signing, and a minute later they announced that he was transferring him to Besiktas.

So Julio Alves was officially an Atleti player for a minute. And he came from the River Ave, which had been paid approximately one million.

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15 minutes ago, Christmas Tree said:



We need the equivalent, all the dramatic music but with Alex Neill driving to Stoke. Car door slamming.... Werther's original wrapper falling and bouncing gently in the foot well.... Service station Ginsters slammed into the centre console.... A laboured climb from the car at the service station with a loooong sloooow back stretch. 

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