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Alexander Isak


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The huge plus point to take away from this evening is that this bloke is clearly the real deal. 

Not many leave Andy Robertson on his arse. Shame it was the disallowed goal.


Genuinely excited to see what he can offer when the likes of ASM and Bruno are the supply chain.

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Two good goals. Pity one of them was ruled out for it being against Liverpool. He's the real deal for sure. Especially the second one with the close control to beat two and slot it cool as. He's going to be some player for us.

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20 minutes ago, spongebob toonpants said:

This kid looks the fucking business. Away debut at Anfield and he looked every inch the part. I've not been this excited about a player for years




Agreed. He reminds me very much of Andy Cole when we signed him.

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5 minutes ago, Christmas Tree said:

Nice interview with the lad and cracking English.  Really looking forward to seeing him in the flesh tomorrow.






Go easy CT, we don't want you scaring him off ......

Tim And Eric Flirting GIF

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