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1 hour ago, Monkeys Fist said:

3 posts in Belta Minge gets you a Mass Debater’s badge. 








I love how I can pop in every few months and absolutely nothing changes 😄

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2 hours ago, catmag said:

I’ve made 3 posts and have apparently just earned an apprentice badge! Hope I can make it as a regular one day. 😄

Photo of you in hospital with the uniform on and a placard saying 'clocks go back, it's Cath' or gtfo tbh.. :cuppa:



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I'm with Octopus Energy and I was just looking at their website. They've got a Balance Forecast tool that allows you to mess about with your DD and see where your balance will end up based on projected usage.


It has this "crystal ball" feature which you can turn on and it will apply uplifts to your tariff based on current projections. 


My DD needs to go from £252 a month to £477 a month for me to end up with the same balance after 12 months that I would without the price increase. 


And this factors in the effect of the £400 that the govt has already handed out. 


It's fucking outrageous. This will ruin a lot of people financially and that fat blond cunt who desperately wanted to stay on as PM has used the extra time he bought himself to have parties and go on holiday. 


If this doesn't end the country's stockholm syndrome relationship with these cunts, nothing will. 

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One thing no one is talking about is the affect on business energy bills. If a company is not on a fixed rate there’s no price cap, meaning that where domestic users are looking at around 400% increase business users are going to be >1000%.  This winter is going to be carnage, even compared with the lack of help SME’s got during lockdown. 

The tories will get crucified but am not sure if that automatically brings Labour back..  people are waking up to the point that 40 years of government basically contracting out fuckin everything has lead to this situation and voting for anyone is unlikely to change anything…

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