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1 hour ago, thebrokendoll said:

just as a footnote, I should just add that although I was very, very happy with my bird discovery, at no point would I have contemplated putting my willy in its beak.

Well obviously, the fucker'd rip it of

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54 minutes ago, PaddockLad said:

@Monkeys Fist I won’t spoil your post with your lovely pics but just to say Eyemouth cunts are fishy smelling cunts. Fuckin hated them. Kicked me in the head once at the bottom of a ruck. Cunts. :cuppa:

It certainly has a touch of the Royston Vaseys about it. 

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6 hours ago, Gemmill said:



Wtf Australia. 95 years old, 5ft 2, not even 7 stone, and with dementia, approaching the copper ON HER WALKER with a steak knife in her hand, and they fucking tase her.

Absolute disgrace. NSW for you. 

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It’s fucking bizarre reading the replies there, full of absolute touchers referring to Schofield and Willoughby as if they’re their best mates.


Fucking sad cases. 


( not to excuse Schofield if he’s done the noncery he’s being accused of here, but they’ve got no fucking idea have they? ). 

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Young Ms. Fist has just finished ( and nailed) her GCSE’s, so we gave her the choice of what she wanted for tea tonight. 


She chose Chinese takeaway.…


Having ploughed through it as best as we could, we’re all sitting here feeling sour and ashamed :lol:


During lockdown I basically nailed “fakeaways”, so the bar for actual takeaways is pretty much out of reach…

She even said “ Dad, thanks, but yours is way better”. 




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