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Just now, The Fish said:

Heading into Wilmslow later, my expectations are very high.

Dropped my daughter off in Wallsend high street for work. I had zero expectations and they were met. :lol:

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Aye, this weather can be a double-edged sword if, like me, you used to work next to Shields Road 

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Wilmslow; Hottest thing was the coffee, most midriff was shown by a builder, who also had the biggest tits.

Useless Old Timey Baseball GIF by Team Coco



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2 minutes ago, Christmas Tree said:

:lol: just noticed they have the wording as a speech bubble coming out of her lady garden.

I hope your outdoor bamp sofa is wipe-clean


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16 hours ago, Monkeys Fist said:

Jenny Powell



She lives round my way. See her sometimes in Altrincham. 

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