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  2. Oxford

    Nice one,thanks
  3. General Random Conversation..

    Not if the unconscious one is you.
  4. Big Bad Wolves V Brucie's Little Lambs

    I genuinely don't get the feud between TGQ and J69. It's endured through decades and forum names...
  5. Yesterday
  6. Politics

    Nope, lead singer of the California raisins
  7. Big Bad Wolves V Brucie's Little Lambs

    For the amount of time it took to think of that come back, I expected better
  8. The two popes, canny enough. I never knew the emperor was still a pope. Thought he was dead tbh.
  9. General Random Conversation..

    Does it count as a threesome when one of them is unconscious through drink? I know Gemmill's opinion on this, anyone else?
  10. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    With all the recent brown nosing from Brucey and his mates from the Chronicle it is worth to remember that Ashley is still a fat cunt.
  11. Best away fans in the Premier League

    And three fucking hours long.
  12. Politics

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. You have passed the test.
  13. Politics

    Wasn't Zarah Sultana in the Munch Bunch? Fuck you, that's not racist.
  14. Politics

    “This is why labour lost” (2024)
  15. Politics

    This is the problem. The rise of Momentum has given Labour MPs that are not serious people. They're Viz characters.
  16. Politics

    Yeah ok, there's reasonable dislike of Blairism and there's just plain vicious. Celebrating the death of Blair, no.
  17. General Random Conversation..

    Hose the shit off him first though.
  18. Politics

    You should thank me for defusing the situation that was building on the previous page with a good, old fashioned group wank.
  19. Best away fans in the Premier League

    The origin story; in cinemas this June.
  20. General Random Conversation..

    Nah, get HIM so mortal that he shits himself in a Dixy Chicken doorway and she'll finish him. And that's when you move to Step 2: Threesome.
  21. Politics

    It's not a Smiths song though is it? It's a compilation Album. Sorry for the pedantry, just trying to take my mind off the frankly disturbing turn this thread, on Politics, has turned since Groomer Gemmill posted.
  22. Politics

    Thread. I like Tom Peck. Tom Peck does not like RLB or the state of Labour.
  23. General Random Conversation..

    Just get legless and piss yourself. He'll never want to be seen with you again.
  24. General Random Conversation..

    Worse than I thought
  25. Big Bad Wolves V Brucie's Little Lambs

    Will do mate. His Mam's a nurse. His Dad is dead now but did man's work.
  26. Best away fans in the Premier League

    See, that's the thing, it has something to do with me. I'm Fishman. A superhero, making podcasts by night, making startlingly good Anglo-Spanish food suggestions by day. Named Fishman as an experiment to fuse the natural abilities of a fish to swim with a man went wrong in a laboratory explosion and you were left with a man who was a bit wet like a fish......Fishman!
  27. Best away fans in the Premier League

    The fucks it got to do with you?
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