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  2. I don’t need to pay for them these days. Yer Ma sends me the on the regular
  3. Politics

    The main problem there (other than them having politely asked people to avoid using the usual routes at the usual time ever since the start of lockdown, and people respecting that because they like parkrun more than they like Boris Johnson ) is a practical one - parkrun works on a minimal equipment basis to make it as easy and accessible as possible for people to volunteer, so the timing etc. is all manual and everyone needs to start at the same time for that to work. Anyway, the reason I finally remembered to reply to your post is because this morning parkrun have published this: https://volunteer.parkrun.com/principles/open-with-covid-19-management-system Which is not only pretty comprehensive but seems to be more sensible than a lot of what the government have come out with for pubs and shops and the like. Although ultimately it's a very long way of saying "keep apart and don't spit". Which could already be asking too much of some of the runners you encounter...
  4. Today
  5. The Cricket Thread

    Was thinking about Buttler, who has had a mare with the gloves, and there’s even an argument Foakes would be a better batsman in the longer form of the game (as his short test career and his first class record suggests). However, Buttler was picked for his swashbuckling style and he’s rarely been allowed to play his normal by having to come in with the score at 100-5 or similar.
  6. Coronavirus

    And now, yet more taxpayer money being used for lawyers who are being retained by the corrupt bastards threatening action to have case struck out because should the plaintiffs lose they wouldn't be able to pay the defendants costs. That's how the law works folks, try and sue mega rich person or a corporation and even if you have a 99.9% chance of winning, if you can't prove you could pay the costs on the 0.1 % chance you could lose, case is dead !! In Germany for example, there's a process by which if your chances of winning are good, Gov't stand guarantor should you lose.
  7. Precedent Trump

    They'll be polling on all potential VP candidates. Biden will accept pretty much whatever is chosen for him, I don't think he's the sort of guy with strong beliefs on any kind.
  8. J69 has already offered him 50 quid for them.
  9. Precedent Trump

    Warren will be 75 next time around. Sooner or later they are gonna have to take a chance on someone a bit younger.
  10. I hope Masters is fucking pissing his knickers the bent cunt
  11. Busted. I was just trying to impress Dougle on the internet all along...
  12. Precedent Trump

    I agree but you'd think they'd consider doing some polling to see if there'd be a net gain by choosing Warren.
  13. Coronavirus

    Thing is even if the masks were fine it still stinks but their usefulness seems to be the story. Basically they gave their mate the contact details of a Chinese factory and then gave him 150m for an order that would actually cost 120m - just to cream off money to a mate.
  14. The reality also is that any such cunt will still exist regardless of the ownership relationship with any football club. Owning the club just gives an indication of something that they may spend some of their money on. In the case of the existing cunt there is pretty much no reason, excepting for maintaining premier league status, that any noteable amount of money will be spent on the club, the academy or the area in general. There is however good reason to suspect that the other cunt(s) will have motivation (regardless of how sinister) to spend money on all three. The great thing is that even if they did buy the club and spend money there's not a single reason why you would have to change your previously decided mind about the level of their cunt status. They're entirely mutually exclusive.
  15. Precedent Trump

    The reason for Biden is he’s the guy a lot of the moderate typical Republican voters could potentially be swayed to vote for, if they’d went with Bernie a lot would have just voted for Trump. Agree fully with Meenzer saying Biden’s VP pick is massively important, McCain selecting Sarah Palin severely damaged his campaign when he ran against Obama, so it’ll probably be a slightly boring choice to further try and win some voters from the right.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Yeh that’s absolutely fair, I respect that view and I’ve held it myself for periods of time. I just want a football team to support I suppose. Supporting Newcastle at the moment feels like....absolutely nothing. I. Feel. NOTHING
  18. Aye right I’m sure it’s nowt to do with you showing us what a virtuous, right on chap you are? The wearsider in you shines solidly through, as ever. Did you get your refund yet btw? Sorry, forgot….
  19. Doesn’t make it right. I appreciate I’m probably in the minority, and I’ve been through plenty of cognitive dissonance with this over the past 4 months, but replacing 1 cunt with a massively bigger cunt because he’s richer maybe isn’t the best idea in the long run
  20. Simpering? I mean, it’s fine to not want Ashley to own your club, and also not want to replace him with MBS who is making a habit of murdering people who upset him.
  21. The Cricket Thread

    vaughan nailed it. we go to pieces if we bowl first and don't skittle them out cheaply. fair play to pakistan though. quality., balanced seam attack and two leggies
  22. I'm at the stage where I want the consortium to own us, I couldn't give a monkey's where the money is from because the media will spin it against us anyway, we are cannon fodder for the top 6 and that's it. Talksport once ran a pole asking if Ashley should save jobs and buy House of Fraser or buy Newcastle a new player. I have seen no such pole if Arsenal should save 55 jobs or buy players, the media agenda is set so fuck the lot of them.
  23. I’ve had that much of Mike Ashley I couldn’t give a fuck tbh. Roman Ambramovich is a massive cunt with blood on his hands but I doubt Chelsea fans care. You don’t get Man City fans talking about the body count either.
  24. no its not you simpering cunt.
  25. The money would have been nice, but it’s kind of a relief this cunt has nothing to do with our club
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