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  2. Coronavirus

    Even if the app has 100% take-up I have doubts about this entire scheme due do basic incompetence. Of course there were local teams who could do this but they've been swept aside for another fucking Serco led shambles.
  3. Coronavirus

    I just hope some long term benefits can come out of this shambles somehow. Starting with blowing away the myth of British exceptionalism, which is a sad joke at the minute. I'll not hold my breath like.
  4. Coronavirus

    It’ll be funny when we’re the only country not welcome to go on holiday in Europe. Florida will probably be open for business like.
  5. Coronavirus

    Sounds like we might need a Believe in Britain Thursday. Everybody get their believeys ready, and get out on your doorsteps. All aboard the second peak train.
  6. Coronavirus

    I know everything is political anyway but, as you suggest, it really is a joke when we’re told not to politicise party politics and the government. There was a case for it during the Second World War which was clearly different (we won for a start). You’ve got an incredibly inept government without any semblance of a strategy with blood of thousands of people on their hands. Even that would be bad enough but the priorities even at this stage are giving contracts to their mates and protecting the de facto PM who is a fucking incompetent, ego and agenda driven sociopath instead of getting their house in order and saving lives. But please, watch your tone
  7. Coronavirus

    Stop politicising this political thing!
  8. Coronavirus

    Apparently not according to this https://fullfact.org/online/not-dominic-cummings-sister/
  9. Coronavirus

    Perfect time for the media to go to town on this corruption and the mortality rate given the situation around Cummings etc. Does anyone think that’ll happen?
  10. Coronavirus

    Can’t we stop bickering about unnecessary deaths, back-handers and incompetence and Just Get It Done?
  11. Today
  12. Coronavirus

    Isn't the app being done by a company owned by Cummings' sister?
  13. Coronavirus

    I didn't know she was married to a tory MP. Jesus christ, the cronyism and nepotism exhibited by the tories is so blatant. How the fuck have we let corruption get to the level it is literally killing people?
  14. Coronavirus

    If you faceswapped this pair of cunts,would anyone notice?
  15. Coronavirus

    The problem is, lead upto the Election, the Murdoch media brainwashed cock ends by constantly battering Corbyn. In places like Bolsover they fucking lapped it up reading The Sun before going down the local WMC for a pint before lunch. Cunts.
  16. Coronavirus

  17. Coronavirus

    It's almost as if if you elect lying, corrupt, expert hating, incompetent cunts detached from reality you end up with bad outcomes. I mean, come on, who would have seen this happening without the benefit of hindsight?
  18. General Random Conversation..

    Was kann ich sagen? Es waren die 80s. Es war wie in einem anderen Leben.… und Spin 2, 3,4 und Kick 2, 3,4
  19. Coronavirus

    Track and trace has started well...
  20. Coronavirus

    Think I'm with Renton on this app. I have no goodwill towards the government whatsoever. They're not taking this seriously and will indeed probably sell the data. No thanks.
  21. Coronavirus

    The people doing the app will be looking at the best way of farming the data already
  22. Coronavirus

    Fucking hell, I can’t believe they’re letting anyone involved in TalkTalk do that app. My TalkTalk Internet couldn’t stay connected for longer than 10 minutes and they’re trusting the brains behind that to trace this virus.
  23. Coronavirus

    They’re running scared of the government they shooed into power so they deserve it
  24. Coronavirus

    I did think it was a bit soon to start letting the MSM off the hook Although in fairness to the rest of them, the BBC is running scared of the Tories far more than anyone else. I would presently trust Piers Morgan over any BBC journalist.. And that's just crazy.
  25. Coronavirus

    I don’t think there’s a single aspect of this that has been handled well. Even the NHS capacity has been at a terrible cost with the care homes deaths alone. That’s before we can even guess at the knock on with missed cancer treatments etc. Everything else has been an unmitigated disaster
  26. Coronavirus

    We should have believed in Britain more and tried to sell the virus some innovative jams.
  27. Coronavirus

    I also liked how the top half of the front page he tweeted involved a newspaper supplying front line workers with PPE because the government previously couldn't. The shame doesn't even register with him.
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