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    We turned against Peter fucking Beardsley when he became an Ashley arselicker, why in the fuck did this moron think Shola, Carver and Kevin Nolan would be more highly venerated than an actual club legend? Shola is employed by the club now, so he's tainted, and the chuckle bros Carver and Nolan are failed managers in giz-a-job mode so they'll also mouth anything that they think will get them work (not to mention, they probably both correctly reckon that this is the only PL club fucked up enough to consider employing them.) They can all get to fuck. It is impossible to be loyal to NUFC and defend Ashley. Anyone who purports to do so is lying.
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    The only tennis content you need today: a thread
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    Reporting you to the NSPCC, mate. (You mustn't love your nephew treating him to Ashley's gruel).
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    “Seeing former terrace favorites getting turned on” aye, funnily enough when they come out saying Ashley is a top bloke and is good for that club that’s going to piss people off. If you want to come out and side with Ashley, that’s up to you but then you can expect NUFC fans to be completely against you and simply won’t be seen by the rest as a fan. “Let’s get one thing clear” What a patronizing little worm, you pass on stuff you’ve heard mate, it’s honestly the worst trait of these journalists that they see themselves as having more valid opinions than others. No one can say I want what’s best for the club and praise Ashley, those things are complete polar opposites What a fucking human centipede style chain of fucking arselickers. “JC” ( ), and Ameobi (lost being called Shola now, he’s now against us) are kissing up to fat boy and now little bitches like Pete are kissing up to them two fucking idiots. Then the lot of them get outraged when the fans call them out on it, the lot of them must have fucking rocks in their heads. Gan on then Pete tell us again how the club are “starting to put together information on two potential signings for if they sign a manager” when we are less than a month from the season starting while you try to honestly tell everyone that people defending this bloke want what’s best for the club. Wanker. Oh aye, his last sentence is fucking pathetic as well. It boils down to faux outrage that fans are turning against “terrace favorites” like Ameobi and Nolan, I’m sorry like but them “wearing the shirt with pride” does not absolve them of talking absolute fucking shit and weakening any action made by the fan base in the public view, in fact it has the opposite effect for me, they should get more pelters than most as they should understand what’s going on and what the fans are going through. The massive fact he’s missing as well is they aren’t real favorites, they both did okay but were only at Newcastle (either in the first place, or stayed as long as they did) because we had an ambitious less twat of an owner.
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    U ok, babes? DM me. (I'll not @ JC)
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    He's an absolute tit this sky lad. I appreciate he may be limited to what he can and can't say so in those circumstances keep your gob shut or be cute about it. He comes out with shit and doesn't like the criticism, he's a fucking big bairn and then posts a pic of him as an actual bairn reading a programme as a programme cover as if that absolves him of everything. Carver talks shit and was terrible at his job, Amoeba was largely shit and only got runs in the side when we had no good strikers available so why he thinks anyone is going to say 'oh well, I was totally against it but if Amoeba, Nolan or 'JC' (Btw, nobody calls him that, Pete, apart from his mates or arselickers in the media), say it's great then that's good enough for me. Howay the lads!' As the Egyptian yank says, if Beardsley or Moncur can deservedly get stick, then these knackers must have big fucking delusions if they think they can't? (And when a bloke who does presenting on SSN thinks being a fan makes him any less of a target for talking shite he must be worse again! Tbf, I blame social media arselickers amongst our support for giving him that impression, 'Pete what d'ya reckon, mate?' 'Take no notice, pete, mate', etc. Fucking mongs, he's not going to invite you out for a pint and introduce you to kirsty Gallacher whilst she slips her telephone number in your jeans pocket). Wanker.
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    With Ashley you can understand a lot of what he does because even though you disagree with it you know it’s done to save money. But with all this carry on I just can’t see how the owner doesn’t see that he’s basically guaranteeing relegation. And you’d have to be an idiot to assume we’d bounce straight back this time round
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    And as for Shola, his hat collection has more brain cells than he has
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    Class https://twitter.com/haiderakhtar1/status/1150482891434024960?s=21
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    Spot on (equally in parts hilarious and depressing ), it’s mental this view of being confused by club LEGENDS getting grief for siding with Ashley, if Robson was still alive and him, Keegan, and Shearer all stood proclaiming how brilliant Ashley was I’d still say they’re talking absolute shite. Standing in the game has nothing to do with it, in any case my respect for two extremely limited ex players, and a complete shambles of an ex coach is so low it’s verging on non existent to begin with. Fucking spot on about them idiots saying that shite as well the best are when it becomes a complete circle jerk, one of the others comes to defend their under siege colleague after another complete windup of a tweet, while a bunch of the “U OK hun?” Type winnets comment wanking them both off. I’ve mentioned in the past I’m related to “JC” (through marriage, I quickly add) so I feel I am well within my rights to call him a complete and utter fucking knacker, despite the fact as Pete points out that he’s clearly a massive club legend.
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    Aye it’s mental. There’s no way he can strike lucky a third time we go down. The first time we had a core of decent PL players who stayed and created a strong group mentality, along with Hughton being a competent manager (which was another total fluke as it was basically non-decision on Ashley and co’s part that got him the role), and obviously the second time we had Benitez. This squad is fucking gopping, and you’d expect the ones with any talent (I.e. Schar, Longstaff, Shelvey etc) will be off in a shot upon relegation, and having Steve Bruce at the tail end of his career in place is a move that’ll solidify mid table championship mediocrity imo. I actually hope it all turns out that way tbh, as I’ve mentioned before it’s clear he’s not selling, maybe a few years away from siphoning off the PL money might change his mind. You’re completely right though, it makes absolutely no logical sense at all what he is doing. Even his most cuntish decisions have been grounded in maximizing money, this is literally the most short term version of that possible.
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    Spot on, you also have to love the undertones to what him and his mate Keith Dowie are doing in their replies. It’s all hinting that the fans are some sort of problem, that the fans are attacking these people who are just trying to bring ‘balance’ to the discussion. Disgraceful stuff. I wish we could all be more organized and we could just start mass unfollowing all these north east journos who are coming out with utter bilge like this. It’s far and away past time for a balanced discussion on this topic now. Journalists like these two who have a platform to help (as best they could) but have instead decided to give people like Ameobi, Carver, etc a platform to pretend there’s a balanced discussion to be had which suggests the rest of us are just being rash and hysterical. I’ve personally unfollowed all of them, the takeover isn’t happening and they’ve all flipped back to starting on the “aren’t these geordies a deluded bunch, Ashley has given them a ‘debt free’ club in the PL why do they think they should be winning the league?” line of the fence, so it’s completely pointless to follow them as they bring nowt to the table, and it starts with exactly this, getting people to say things supporting Ashley, rile everyone up, then attack them for being hysterical. Meanwhile, the club have known since May that Rafa was gone, we’re now in Mid-July and they’re trying to haggle down Steve Bruce’s release clause, while waiting on having a manager in place to sign anyone after selling/not buying most of the best players we had last season despite the fact they’re trying to put a system in place where the manager is more of a head coach and doesn’t say who to sign anyway so aye let’s keep blaming the fans for having a pop at Ameobi and Carver for telling the world Ashley has been good for the club.
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    It’s not like we’re negotiating from a position of power here with time to waste. Fucking clueless wankers.
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    Good to see this goon getting pelters for his bollocks
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    ..... Send out the clowns.... ( at the lad talking to the telly telling them to fuck off, as you do).
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    What's funny is some people are genuinely only just realising he's a racist.

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