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Recommend me something to watch!

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I was rewatching Breaking Bad and it struck me that it’s similar to Kojak, because there’s police in BB and Walter is Bald and Kojak is a bald policeman. 

I’m not normally one for conspiracy theories, but there's a brilliant documentary on BBC2 about Covid. Two Chinese scientists from the Wuhan research centre, where Trump suspects it was engineered, we

Living up to fop's legacy was just too much denpressure for him.  

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Just watching the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen.


Fucking brutal. Hilarious but brutal.


Except for the bit where that bitch told the audience they wished steve o had died instead of ryan dunn. He didn't look too pleased.


I don't mind bad taste humour, the problem with that joke was that it just wasn't funny.

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I took a while to catch on to it, but i've been enjoying "Misfits".


1st series was absolutely quality but the second just descended into 'freak of the week'. Just the writers running out of good ideas so coming up with a shitty Dr. Who-esque knock off.


Anyone watch the Misfits Vegas spin-off? Haven't seen it yet myself but I would rather Robert Sheehan had stayed on for the 3rd series!

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Boss looks like its going be good, watched the first episode last night, Grammer was great in it




The series follows Tom Kane, the mayor of Chicago, who has recently been diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder. Determined to remain in charge, Kane conceals the disease from everyone around him except his own physician, Dr Ella Harris. Those around Kane are too busy with their own lives to notice anything unusual. Kane's marriage to his wife Meredith is nothing more than one of convenience. Kane's closest advisors, Kitty O'Neill and Ezra Stone, begin to suspect something is wrong with the Mayor but respect him too much to ask any questions. While State Treasurer Ben Zajac is too busy cultivating his political ambitions to become the next Governor of Illinois to notice anything out of the ordinary. Kane's daughter, Emma, is the only one who who suspects that something is wrong with her father. But does she know enough to uncover his secret and what will it mean for his political career?



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Has anyone watched that Fresh Meat thing on E4? No misfits/inbetweeners, but seems alright.


watched the first couple so far and enjoying it. Will deffo stick with it. Not like Happy Endings which was a particularly flabby gash.

Is that the one with Elisha Cuthbert? Looked rubbish from the ad, and then one of the waylans(?) turned up so I knew it was shit.

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kinda disappointed with Dexter myself tbh, too much stuff that makes no sense in it.


that and John Lithgow 2x seasons ago just stole the show for badguys, they really shouldn't have killed him off.


Agree that was the high tide of the show.


Word is that this is a turnaround season for Dex...Will get going.

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New Season Ratings


Fringe 7/10

Boardwalk Empire 9.7/10

Dexter 7.5/10

The Walking Dead 6.7/10 Getting a bit too samey...


It's canny but all this gumf about it being the best TV show on the box is shite. Its strictly by the numbers zombie fare. Been done 100 times before


Needs another level to it...

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Needs Werewolves.


Speaking of which, I started watching Teenwolf the series the other day expecting it to be the usual horrendous MTV teen shite. Was pleasantly surprised. Not brilliant by a long shot but a decent effort and a lot darker than the films


Maybe competition with another survivor group who are holed up in a city center or summink with vastly superior resources that they aren't willing to share. I mean they must have summink up their sleeve it can't go on like this...

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Dexter is warming up nicely now.


Walking dead needs to really up its game.


id really recommend that anyone reads the comics of the walking dead, some horrible, horrible stuff in them that the series wont go anywhere near. anyway - have a look on the piratebay......

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