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Fulham v NUFC


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Fucking pathetic, battered them the entire 2nd half and STILL cant get a winner.

This and the stoke game have hurt harder than when weve played shite, purely because it appears even when we play really well - we either get injuries or a loss, or mostly both

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A lot there for Pardew to work on. We give the ball away too easily; no point Cisse and Ba being on the pitch together; Jonas and Simpson cannot cross the ball to save their lives; Simpson is a liability going forward and back; Tiote is a shadow of the player he was 2 seasons ago.


Message to the fat man - time to get the fucking chequebook out

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Fuck that. Well suppose we'll hammer City on Saturday now.

Fuck me, what are Aguero, Tevez, and Silva going to do against that defence?


Tonight, I can handle the fact that the likes of Simpson and Williamson are not footballers (neither of them could trap a bag of cement), but they can at least attack the ball. Our entire defence, including Colo and Santon let them bring it down and gave them so much time and space.


Tiote was fucking awful too, so was Jonas and Cisse just looks lost.


That said, we could easily have sneaked a point so I can't see us being in any relegation trouble. It really doesn't take much to beat some of the dross around us.

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