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Found out the horrible news this morning that he has sadly passed away this weekend. He didn't post so much these days but lots of you will remember him and will have met him on various get-togethers.

I'll post more later as I'm at church.

RIP Jon :(

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I received this message from his girlfriend this morning after I'd sent my condolences..


"Its ok I want people to know and understand, Jon had a very long battle with his anxiety and he always had a drink but no one would ever have assumed he had a problem because he was so confident and kind and loving and functioned so well at work. By the time we realised he was so ill it just happened so fast, his health deteriorated so quickly and he never wanted a fuss or wanted any trouble so by the time he was forced into going to hospital it was already too late. XX thank you for your comments. Jon was always happy with people he loved and newcastle made him happy so so happy xx"




I have his parents address if anyone wants it and will send some flowers.

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