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UKIP and the rise of doublethink.

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I've been at work reading a bit of this thread so if I'm a few pages late, sorry. Dimps, me young mucker, can you tell me how things are going to be cushty darza for British workers under UKIP again? Can you tell me how a UKIP ran country, not in Europe would usher in new, strong trade unions to help the workers out? I do know that stuff like paid holidays and minimum wages were fought against by the Tories and I get the strange feeling that UKIP are a bit more to the right of politics than to the left. At least that's what I assume Farage meant when he said "I'm the only politician keeping the flame of Thatcherism alive". And we knew she was shit hot on good relations with trade unions don't we?


Well first off, UKIP will not win more than a couple of seats, if that - however I do reckon they'll win a very sizable chunk of that actual vote. So they won't actually have any influence as such, and certainly won't be forming the government, so the whole 'Under UKIP' guessing game is a bit redundant.


A vote for UKIP, for me at least, is a vote for euro-skepticism, and a vote for tighter immigration controls.


I could vote Labour/Lib Dem, but what would the point be? Labour are going to win my seat regardless, and at least if UKIP reduce the win margin a bit then I might actually hear from my MP, and she might get off her arse and fight for votes, rather than relying on a cushy safe-seat.

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Can you explain this bit more? I'm interested as to how this will be achieved and what will follow (genuinely)?

Don't they realise you're meant to put a condom on your bell end? Not the other way round

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Just look at the slick production on this campaign video. This guy really gets millennials just like me.



So his vision would be a series of yougov polls on every decision parliament has to make to ensure no expertise is leveraged on any choice made on behalf of the nation.



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Although a cursory glance of the internet shows conflicting definitions which is useful. ;)


Edit: it appears generation Y and millenials may be synonymous and are followed by generation z.....


So I was a bit wrong.

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Millennials are are basically blogging, selfie taking you tubers, who are unlikely to ever find stable employment, own their own home, or have any pension fund to speak of.


Thanks baby boomers

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