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I think his stock is sufficiently low to make us an attractive opportuntiy for him as well.


Hasnt exactly got the finesse of Rafa mind but we need to be realistic for once

I voted for Moyes in the poll we did on here, top manager imo

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He represents Ashley's model in such undiluted shitness that no, he does not deserve any support. Change needs to be forced, he needs to be out of the club because crap, old managers ready for the kna

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Confirmation of the cash paid to Premier League clubs at the end of a remarkable 2015/16 season includes some truly eye-watering sums. Newcastle finished 18th but made £72million


Right there's plenty of money there for Rafa to rebuild a Championship winning team. There should be no stumbling blocks or excuses let's get him signed up & let him get on with rebuilding the footballing side of the club.

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Is this like getting beat in the play offs by the tramps in 1990?.....we had to suffer for nearly two seasons after that but without that 18 months there'd have been no SJH,KK, promotion and the rest, this is different but there are similarities....being kicked in the bollocks by the mackems can be good for you :good:

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I know he'll obviously have his own players he wants to buy etc, but will he also give us a bit of clout with possibly getting some quality loan signings from some of the prem big boys?

The changes to the loan market doesn't really benefit us this year. We'd be better off buying experienced Championship players on a short term deal and young players who might be/should be good enough for the top flight.

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