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3 assists yesterday, Best player in the division so far iyam


Rafa signed him for Liverpool, he clearly knew he was talented. Had a great start at Swansea and got a few England caps then just seemed to go off the boil. 12 million for him was a good deal for Swansea and he didn't really do it for us lady season either. If Rafa can keep motivating him we should go up and then we'll just have to see if he can produce it in the premier league again.

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Some of those passes yesterday. Ian Holloway actually picked out some great moments from him on EFL Goals.


You can look at the two beauties for the first two, but the understanding with Gayle for the third was a beauty too.


He's clearly an 'in the zone' type of player though - I think we can remember some of his anonymous performances last season. Hopefully he'll remain Rafa'd if we go up.

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he has found his level here and i fear that he will always struggle to perform consistently in the premiership.  

When he could be arsed he was decent quality in the Premier League though, motivation seemed to be his issue, especially towards the end at Swansea and then at us when the malaise crept in.


Rafa then dropped him for a while which seemed to have the desired effect, he dropped some weight and has picked up his performances

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I must say I am with ewerk here.  Would rather listen to Wireless than watch some shite periscope feed.

Anyways back on topic.


Rafa has deffo got the kid buzzing and motivated.  The whole team infact are so the real test would be when we are not playing well and maybe on a couple of runs of defeats.  But at the moment a joy to watch (or listen to ;))

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