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Oxford United vs Newcastle United


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Following my wildly successful match thread starting debut let's see if we can continue the good run.


NUFC To Score
0 - LooneyToony
1 - Holden McGroin, Kevin Carr's Gloves, wykikitoon, acrossthepond, aimaad22
2 - Rayvin, sammynb, Dr Gloom, Dougle, OTF, Tom, ohhh_yeah
3 - Andrew, Howay, StoneColdStephenIreland, David Kelly, scoobos, The Fish, Ant, tooner, Kitman, rogerbarton, MiddleAgeCool, @yourservice, barnabox
4+ - strawb, zico martin, Anorthernsoul, Happy Face, ewerk
NUFC To Concede
0 - Rayvin, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Andrew, wykikitoon, strawb, zico martin, Howay, StoneColdStephenIreland, The Fish, Ant, Anorthernsoul, tooner, OTF, Tom, Happy Face, ewerk, barnabox
1 - Holden McGroin, sammynb, acrossthepond, David Kelly, Dr Gloom, Dougle, scoobos, Kitman, rogerbarton, MiddleAgeCool, @yourservice
2 - aimaad22, ohhh_yeah, LooneyToony
3 - 
4+ - 
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Have a feeling we might be the poster boy Goliath who gets knocked out this round, where tv channels will gleefully show the goal/s at half time of the 56th consecutive fa cup game that has featured Man U and go on about the romance of the cup with a straight face.

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he ran a poll about who should start up front, the options were Barlaser, or Perez. Someone corrected him by saying Barlaser is a midfielder so he said "I know, but he played centre forward against Birmingham". I corrected him and he replied with that monstrosity. He's deleted that tweet now like. :lol:


Are we stuck with the radio for this one?



I'm in trouble with the other two lads that do the podcast. One of the listeners offered us two tickets for the Oxford game at face value (and P&P) because he couldn't go. He posted them down to the address I have for the other lad, but I didn't realise I didn't have the flat number so they got bounced back to Newcastle. :blush:

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Aye, I got what he was saying, just agreeing it was mental.

Well, that wasn't very fucking clear now was it? Jesus wept.



Got pretty shitfaced last night, woke up hungover and I may have gone too far the other way with the coffee this morning.

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