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Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER


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On 29/08/2022 at 18:41, Craig said:

Things you love to see.




Never mind Transfer Deadline Day, Tottenham forward Richarlison's showboating against Nottingham Forest on Sunday - and Brennan Johnson's 'tackle' - remains one of the biggest talking points in football and on social media this week.


And now Premier League strikers Michail Antonio and Callum Wilson have waded in on this week's Footballer's Football Podcast on BBC Sounds - and it is not in favour of the skilful Brazilian.


"If someone does that to us, I'm volleying them," said Newcastle's Wilson. "I think it's disrespectful. You wouldn't do that if you were losing or drawing. You wouldn't even do it in training I think - so why would you do that against me when I'm losing the game?"


What happened and what has the reaction been?
If you've still not seen the incident, you're surely in the minority. Spurs were 2-0 up and, with less than five minutes left of normal time remaining, substitute Richarlison received the ball near the touchline and started performing keepie uppies.


He was duly hacked down by Forest forward Johnson, for which the 21-year-old received a booking.


On Monday, Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher called the Brazilian's behaviour "daft" and said that Richarlison winds him up. Other ex-players and pundits have also added their criticism, including former Liverpool midfielder Dietmar Hamann and winger Jermaine Pennant.


Richarlison, it's fair to say, has been in no mood to start apologising - instead teasing pundits and critics on social media.


The Brazilian, who signed for Spurs this summer, has found support through international team-mate Neymar... and from a slightly more unlikely avenue in retired manager and no-nonsense football exponent Neil Warnock.


'I would have hit him harder'
Both Wilson and Antonio agreed that they wouldn't enjoy being on the other end of Richarlison's antics.


Commenting on the foul by Johnson, Wilson said he "would have hit him harder than that", adding: "He let him off. If you're going to take a yellow, take a yellow that's on the line of getting a red!"


West Ham striker Antonio said: "You could be in the far corner and I'm playing up front on the halfway line - I'm sprinting all the way back and I am swiping your legs, 100%."


After the match on Sunday, Forest manager Steve Cooper said Richarlison's behaviour would not be accepted at his club but Spurs boss Antonio Conte insisted his player was not being disrespectful.


"I don't think Richy wanted to show disrespect to Nottingham Forest," the Italian said: "Nottingham Forest are a really good team with a great history in football and we have a great respect. Richy for sure thinks in the same way. Not disrespectful for anyone and I can tell you this."


So, all eyes on Wednesday night's London derby then as Spurs face West Ham at London Stadium. Hammers manager David Moyes has commented that, if Richarlison is prepared to tease opponents in the way he did against Forest, he must also be "prepared to take the hits".


Perhaps we will get to see Richarlison v Antonio after all...



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It’s a proper storm in a tea cup like. He’s a dick acting like a dick but some people are more arsed about this than horrendous, dangerous tackles. 

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17 minutes ago, Alex said:

It’s a proper storm in a tea cup like. He’s a dick acting like a dick but some people are more arsed about this than horrendous, dangerous tackles. 


Agreed. Picturing Callum Wilson saying "I'm volleying them" is fairly amusing though :lol:

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