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Look,I want both north east teams to do well.Some on here are forever having digs at the makems.Not me.

i'm sure somewhere deep in the bowels of the world wide web there's some glowing danish scouting reports on frank pingel. and rightly so, he had the enviable goal ratio of 1 in 14

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3 minutes ago, trooper said:

So they let Rafa go, sell Perez & Joselu & pass on Rondon to sign a bloke who scored only 7 goals last season marvellous 

He looks to be a bit more useful than what the 7 goals suggests. Seems to be more of a no10 rather than a target man. Ashley sticking two fingers up at Rafa with this one. 

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Of course Bruce said  “...he’s got age on his side, which is vitally important”.


Vitally important to who, Steve? Bruce is already showing his true colours as Pardew 2.0. Age is only vitally important to fat mike and his precious resale value.


I expect Bruce would rather have someone older, more experienced and proven than some kid from the German league who’s scored a handful of goals. Someone like Rondon for example.

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5 minutes ago, Kid Dynamite said:

This deal stinks. Doubling our transfer record for a bloke who has a top flight goal record on a par with Gayle. 


Wouldn't be surprised if its another favour for an agent with future kickbacks 

There’s no way its 40 million, thats for sure

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25 minutes ago, Kid Dynamite said:


It just doesn't make sense. We refused to pay £15-20mil for Aubamayang, Lacazette, Plea and Pepe. All with much better goal records than this kid. 


Plea turned us down, Pepe was before either his breakout seasons and before transfer prices went mental.


Aubameyang and Lacazette were 6 and 5 years ago, well before the skyrocket of transfer prices that sees Ayoze going for 30 million and that being considered a cheap deal or Mitrovic going for 27 million.

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1 hour ago, zerosum said:

watched a few youtube’s of him, looks fast and strong.. whether he’s worth the money no idea. Big gamble by fat mike and steve 

I very much doubt Steve had anything to do with it. Other than his appointment requiring a diversionary signing for the terminally thick or gullible

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