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Ashley's United V Lesta League Cup 2nd Round

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You're right. Instead, I'll blame him for our 20 million pound winger getting two hamstring injuries in 4 weeks and our 40 million striker coming off with tight calves after every game.

a hugely irrelevant thread this! our inability to win anything of any note from 1969 to  september 2008 could probably be described as something of a footballing anomaly for a club of newcastle's

3 hours ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

Rafa has been gone five minutes and the injuries are all piling up :lol: What is it about shit English managers and not paying any attention to fitness whatsoever? They must spend 45 minutes of every session doing beep tests.

:lol: Which shit journo cunt was it that was buzzing about how Bruce had them running again? 

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Seeing the teams pre match I expected a resounding defeat. 

We did ok to get to penalties. They were lucky to finish with with 11. That tackle was horrible and the ref must have been the only person amongst the 22k that thought it not worthy of the red.. 


Fucking shelveys penalty was nothing short of pathetic. 


Great to see Matty start. 

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Given the team we had available and the team they put out, we played fairly well.  We were organised at the back with them not really creating anything, and Longstaff made a decent impression in his first professional game.  I thought Willems was getting better and better as the game went on too.  It's nice to see someone making runs to get in behind the opposition.  We didn't really look like scoring ourselves though, Muto looks like he might have something about him but he's clearly not up to leading the line in the premier league.  He's just too small and at that size you need something exceptional about you to do that job.  But when we're hamstrung by the owner we have and in turn the squad we have, it would have been madness to risk Jo and Miggy.

I couldn't really understand why Perez was getting booed.  I mean, I've been slagging him off for years so I could have felt justified myself but it's moronic for those who were gushing over him a few months ago to boo him now.  But to be fair it probably had as much to do with the amount of kids and morons there last night who don't usually go to games as much as anything else.

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