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The new manager thread


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Would be nice to get someone in before Chelsea.  However there is ANOTHER International break after the Brighton game so I suppose that gives the new gaffer some time to assess.  Plus I am more zen now Bruce has gone so feel we still have time to pull ourselves to safety.  All Jones has to do is get them in for training for two more days and we should see an improvement in fitness.

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It would be appropriate to wait 3-5 more years for A-List managers. First of all, it is necessary to restructure and prepare for the future.  One of the most suitable names for this transition period is Favre. I remember him saying once that he didn't want to work for lofty goals and intense pressure. Dortmund and Gladbach performances were also not bad in terms of both playing up for the top positions in the league and work with the young players.

I'm not biggest fan of him but he seems to be okay for our needs.

As for Fonseca, I have no idea.

If the sale had happened earlier, it would have been Rafa or Jose. We would be very satisfied. 

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8 minutes ago, wykikitoon said:

.com saying its confirmed weve spoken to fonseca

Craig Hope said they spoke to him informally last week and more formally this week. 

They want a manager who is predominately a good coach.


Canny interview with hope on the True Faith podcast out today.

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