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Quick question? Do NI residents pay VAT on imports from the EU?

I want to buy a motorbike part for roughly £1k from Italy. By the time it lands in England that price goes up to £1300/£1400Ish with VAT, customs charges, import fees etc 

Whats to stop me getting it delivered to a mate in NI who could then forward it on to me marked as a gift?

Dont see why I should be £400 out of pocket because our arsehole government decided to leave a massive trade agreement with half the world 

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2 hours ago, PaddockLad said:


Is that him that played in the Mock Turtles?...




Nah, the other one. Brendan, he presented top gear before Clarkson don’t you know? 

Until he got a drink driving ban.

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But no, we don’t pay VAT on purchases from the EU. That doesn’t say the idiot couriers won’t try and charge VAT as has happened me in the past with business purchases.

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3 hours ago, Alex said:

Aye, it’s probably just as well I no longer live just over the road tbh. 

Just been and got some Almasty and Full Circle cans for this evening’s BBQ chez Fist. 

oops :lol:

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On 17/07/2021 at 16:35, Kid Dynamite said:

Dicks. One of my mates is a Doctor in Belfast actually! 👊🏼


Bet one of me/ewerk know him and all 😂


Courier being useless or just refusing to ship it because they're unsure will be your problem

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