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    I'd go back earlier to the constant change of manager when it came to derby day as beating 'the mags' trumped anything else. Their problems brushed under the carpet, buried and left to grow and grow till they were completely fucked and nosedived two divisions and fail to even get out of that lower league. But they beat the mags and got six-in-a-row.© They are just like Leeds under Ridsdale the only difference being Ridsdale fucked it up going for the champions league, the mackem's holy grail which has fucked them up for hopefully a generation was just beating the mags. They even manage to get less sympathy than Leeds United due to the multi examples of their lack of class in stinking out the divisions they slid out of. Never mind. Sniff.
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    The fans are ignoring the part they've played in the whole mess. They've had 10 permanent managers between 2013 and 2019 due to their demands for sackings. And they still moan that some or them were in post too long Their so hard done to that their precious owner wiped £200mil in debt whilst their current owner broke the league 1 transfer record and continued to pay Premier league wages to Cattermole, Oviedo, McGeady etc. in a bid to get them promoted Aye he's clearly a con man who was after flipping the club, but he's a Saint compared to Ashley
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    Tell you what though, if there is an elaborate conspiracy, you can bet your life that the ringleaders revealed all the details of it to some mackem they encountered at a builders supply depot.
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    Spot on. The atmosphere the fans generated is a good reason they are where they are. I think it’s Rayvin who pointed to how absolutely shocking their home form was (obviously the away form was poor but it was still better than their home) when they were in the Championship, their players didn’t want to play there to the point their top scorer literally asked to be recalled from loan so he could go somewhere else. I think they also burned a lot of bridges as teams that sent their youth players there saw the players suffer a torrent of abuse and likely regress. It’s not a coincidence that the vast majority of players that leave that club end up bitter as fuck about it. Agree on the owners, there was a window where they were doing all they could to get them up and sell, which would have probably worked and if the fans had accepted that and got behind the team it may have stood a better chance. Instead they become weirdly obsessed about how amazing the owners were but at the same time abusive and negative about the team any time there was a set back even really early in the season. Obviously the owners have made mistakes, but what does anyone expect? They’re total fucking amateurs and have less in the bank than a good portion of Championship players, but as you say the fan base have had a good hand in this mess too and as per usual are blaming anything and anyone (including this weird ‘the mags have done this’) to make it seem like they’re actually a decent fan base just down on their luck.
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    Because Tim Krul is a coward?
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    As I said earlier, with added paedophiles
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    Tbf he’s done well since you wrote him off
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    Oi oi Mala lad hows it gannin'
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    Don’t forget to paint your windows white!
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    Arena on the BBC iPlayer, 'A British guide to the end of the world'. Well worth watching, a documentary on the cold war and Britain's part in dealing with preparation including basically using soldiers as guinea pigs on Christmas island fast forwarding to the 80s and how to survive a nuclear war by sticking a a couple of doors against the wall.
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    She loved it but the hangover is going to be a real fucker.
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    If ASM played for Super Frank Lampard the papers would never shut up about him. If this is his usual form and not just a purple patch he's been a steal for £20mil. Defenders just bounce off him
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    I saw the Don yesterday when I was coming out the bank in Newcastle city centre so I said "Alright, Don? How's things at Sunderland, mate?"' He said he was ok but Sunderland badly needed a lift. I said, "nee bother, marra! You're one of the biggest clubs in your division, you should still make the play-offs. Keep your chin up." Imagine my surprise when he thanked me, shook my hand and gave me a cheque for ten million quid!
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    Nah mate, thats coz of the amdstadam pickshas.
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    Alreet y'bunch of puffs? On the hard stuff the neet, like. Puts fucking hair on your chest this stuff! Lol. Anyways, Laters. Ryder and out!
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    SAD NEWS 😕 A very sad day today. After 7 years of medical training and hard work, a very good friend of mine has been struck off after 1 minor fuckup. He slept with one of his patients and can now no longer work in the job he loved. A genuinely nice guy and a brilliant vet.

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