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  1. Anyone who uses the Internet to have conversations is a fucking coward.
  2. So anyone that actually has a discernible accent, really?
  3. My family pretty much went from working class to comfortable middle, at least in financial/job status terms, in the time I was a kid. So I suppose I'd have to say I'm resolutely middle class if anything. Besides, I don't think they have gayers in the lower classes, dahling.
  4. and most f*** up.................... 36431[/snapback] In your experience perhaps.... In mine, the successful lot seem to be those who leave it to the last minute. 36478[/snapback] I'll go with that... you learn a lot about your future working habits at uni really. Whenever I tried to do anything well before the deadline, the quality just wasn't up to scratch, and that still applies now in my shadowy life as a transamalator - I can't work properly without the adrenaline rush of time pressure and the threat of horrendous failure hanging over my head.
  5. Wow... the Aussie economy must be recovering at last!
  6. I managed to get away with a fairly lightweight dissertation looking at the portrayal of German-British relations in the serious German news media. The advantages of going to a joke uni...
  7. Real first name: Martin. Nickname: Don't really have one... Age: 26. Occupation: Freelance translator. Location: Hamburg, Germany. Language(s) spoken? English, German, rusty French, dodgy Swedish. Avatart - why? Alf Poier, Austrian surrealist and singer, cruelly robbed of victory at Eurovision 2003. Total legend. Previous avatarts? I know I had some sparkly rainbow versions of Sparks' various avatars for a while. Other than that, it's mostly been Alf, I think. Tell us when you first joined the boards? Mid-2003 as Meenzer, after an earlier (and mercifully brief) incarnation as the pitifully-named Jorman Geordie. Board highlights? The original waves of Medina-bashing. Board lowlights? Medina outstaying his welcome. What would you be doing if you weren't doing your current job? Probably living as a hermit on the top of a mountain somewhere, sipping whisky and worrying the sheep. Pets? None, though I claim a part-share of the family cat back in Newcastle. I play a bit like.... Ali Dia. Football heroes? Keegan, Beardsley and Sir Les I suppose. Sentimental value. Football villains? The top-flight gayers who won't come out of the closet. Best advice given? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Ideal partner? My current one. He'd slap me if I said anything else. Ideal dinner date? For the conversation? Someone like Stephen Fry or the late, great Douglas Adams I guess, though entertaining authors aren't automatically good at small talk... Ideal meal? A steady stream of Málaga-style tapas all night. Can you cook? Yeah, a bit. I can follow recipes and improvise a bit, which is all you need really. Current wheels? My monthly travel pass. Biggest influence? Various family friends when I was growing up, I s'pose... no one in particular. TV programmes? The Eurovision Song Contest. Burger and chips or fish and chips? Fish and chips, definitely... can't get a decent battered cod over here... Chinese or indian? What do you order? Indian. Nothing challenging, maybe a lamb biryani. Favourite tunes? Wanky post-rock seems to be my plat du jour. Abi Titmuss or Jodi Marsh? Neither! George Clooney or Bradley Pitt? Brad. Marginally better actor and more pleasing on the eye. Favourite film? Clerks If I won a million pounds.... I'd entertain wild dreams of travelling and living the high life, but probably end up just buying a nice house and settling down. Age first drunk alcohol? First drink? Occasional sips of wine and home-brew as a bairn, but didn't get properly drunk till I was 16. Beer at first, then developed a taste for whisky and ginger, of all things... Ever suspended/expelled from school? Nope... got into shit for co-writing offensive songs about a lass in our year, but the threat of action soon dissipated when the head confessed he thought they were funny. Favourite insult? "Bastard" à la Geordie. Straight to the point. Not a lot of people know that...... I went through a long and disappointingly mundane hetero phase. Most you've ever spent on an item of clothes? 60 quid or thereabouts for a proper winter jacket last year. Fashion diva or what? How many pairs of shoes do you own? Three. I'm obsessed with..... The current boyf. In 5 years time, I hope to be.... Living with the aforementioned boyf... somewhere... doing something... ah, gawd knows really. That's what keeps life interesting.
  8. ...as soon as they conclude their investigations into ursine toilet facilities and Papal religious preferences.
  9. I was wondering how long it would take someone to comment on that...NERD! 36175[/snapback] Why thankyou.
  10. Served with dollops of clotted cream, no less.
  11. That'd be enough to make anyone gag, mind... ....
  12. That's got to be a ManU fan on a wind up, shirley? 35947[/snapback] He sounds like he's permanently on the brink of lapsing into "I'll tell you this, I will love it if we beat them, love it!"
  13. Howay man Alex, it was only meant to be a lighthearted and somewhat surreal comment. Do you watch Monty Python films and criticise all the non sequiturs?
  14. I knew Tatu were making a comeback, but blimey, they've changed a bit... 35627[/snapback] Look at you, deliberately quoting the pic 'cause secretly you love women getting it on 35632[/snapback] Well, you know what the alternative is...
  15. I knew Tatu were making a comeback, but blimey, they've changed a bit...
  16. You can if you're Superman.
  17. I thought you'd met Steve 35270[/snapback] Nah, but he gives great cyber.
  18. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, you sexy bitch.
  19. I could send Lena Ph round to do her microphone-stand dance for you... ...on second thoughts, I imagine some of the lads on here would appreciate that more...
  20. Grrr. Mind, it does lead to some interesting insights. Like who the slackers of the board are: Who posted in: Test Match Special alex 45 Papa Lazaru 34 manc-mag 27 and, um.... Who posted in: Fit Birds and Blokes Craig 37 Shearergol 34
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