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  1. Today I learned that ChatGPT doesn't know how many syllables there are in "Bruno Guimaraes".
  2. He's blunt, but he's got a point.
  3. Ah man, that's rotten news. Thanks for letting us know, Craig.
  4. Interesting to see a 52%-48% victory being described as a narrow margin. In certain other circumstances that gets framed as a clear mandate.
  5. It's probably not a bad move for both sides really, aside from the noise it'll generate along the way. Corbyn gets to stay as a local MP where he seems to be popular in that capacity, and Labour can go to all the Corbyn-sceptical seats they need to win back and say "look, not only did we kick him out, we're actively standing against him".
  6. Video footage of these two big-ticket fixtures is sadly conspicuous by its absence
  7. Then one night in birmingham we were strong smith ready to score and kyle looking at his best stewart certain to score. We could have been dancing in cardiff.
  8. Besides, the oil-rich nations are all about gleaming jewels of prosperity and success in immediate and jarring proximity to barren desolate wastelands, so they'll have no problem with the Saudiplex being within spitting distance of Sunderland.
  9. I wasn't looking properly and totally thought this was a reply to the Joe Willock ripped sweater thread. Seemed a bit of out of character for you, but hey, we all do things we regret etc...
  10. Here's something we can expect to see even more of as the next election approaches. Can you guess, from the colour palette of the leaflet, which party this MP represents?
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