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  1. Someone needs to tell them there's a Newcastle fan masterminding the Brentford philosophy as DoF, they'll sharp decide they don't think much of it after all.
  2. Meenzer


    If they ask, you definitely used Quorn fat on the roast potatoes.
  3. Absolutely. And fuck every lazy Tory MP, every right-wing rag and every social media bore who singles out footballers for daring to be young high-earners, when they typically also do huge amounts of community outreach work like this too that makes a massive difference to people, a lot of it without fanfare. Yes, they've got the luxury of having the time and the means to do it, but show me any hedge fund manager who does equivalent good.
  4. One's home to a bunch of Yanks, the other...
  5. It appears to have been replaced by a Nice 'n' Spicy Nik Nak.
  6. The best footy games are only menus.
  7. A gay north-eastern Lib Dem and he turns out like that. I need to rethink some of my life choices.
  8. Drink spirits. You'll be hammered but at least you won't need to go to the little boys' room every 37 seconds.
  9. You wouldn't have had much fun in Stalingrad, would you? I said, you wouldn't have had much fun in Stalingrad, would you?
  10. No, they're often non-binary. Unfortunately that also annoys people nowadays...
  11. Now it's over the commentators to subvert the process further. "And Bournemouth take the lead against Liverpool! I did Nazi that coming."
  12. Meenzer


    Also, don't think the forum ever forgets. (This was in response to me saying I use the lazy stuff all the time, I'm not being a snob for once!)
  13. Meenzer


    "Cook them a bit longer" A decade.
  14. It's no Finland, though.
  15. Aye, it's a very decent effort. If it was from Sweden people would be talking about it finishing in the top 10 no bother. Obviously the UK has a pronounced track record of fucking things up unlike those Scandis with their clinically executed stagings, but hopefully we're on the right track after last year.
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