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  1. So wait, someone in Dubai has kidnapped Abdul Latif, Lord of Harpole?
  2. I for one am shocked - shocked - that grim and nefarious shit is going down in Dubai of all places.
  3. The Norwegian Eurovision selection process reaches the "last chance" round tonight. 15 songs that already lost in a semi-final over the last five weekends will fight for just one spot in Saturday's grand final, where they will promptly lose all over again. I am, of course, watching it instead of our match. Because my life is OK.
  4. Haven't watched it but I hope it's some guitar-wielding sadboy warbling "In a palace where they used to crown the kings..."
  5. Decent few days for The Athletic between the Keegan interview and this: https://theathletic.com/2382097/2021/02/14/we-know-justin-fashanu-died-now-let-us-hear-how-he-lived/ Knew the broad strokes of the story, Cloughie the football genius's man management skills included, but not a lot of the details.
  6. My records tell me I've listened to it before. Apparently it didn't leave much of an impression. I'll give it another whirl.
  7. On that like Brucey on a steak bake, cheers
  8. (I'm giving you that to offset the facepalm)
  9. I went there for the first time in ages last year, to walk the coast path from Sunderland to South Shields. It's weird because the north side with the Glass Centre on the river, the marina, Roker beach and all the way along past Seaburn are all quite nice really, but none of that seems to spill over into the town centre at all - as soon as you're south of the Wear and into the centre it's zombie apocalypse territory
  10. Not a guitar anecdote per se but I thought this was as good a place as any for this.
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