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  1. I can't decide if this is great or if it means it's already jumped the shark
  2. My favourite character is Julie's I pad. Brilliant cameo.
  3. Or ideally at as little cost as possible.
  4. That sounds dangerously like tactics you're talking about there.
  5. Let's hope there's not too many of us destined for the "B" Ark.
  6. Strongly suspect you're right there. In a way it makes sense even aside from the Covid/Brexit impact - if employers are realising they don't necessarily need as much office space as they thought, the logical next step is to look at what else (i.e. who else) they thought they needed but don't.
  7. Mind, if we're talking media overrepresentation, at least it's easy for me and my partner to work from home because we're the only people in the country who aren't also home-schooling.
  8. I've worked from home since 2004 and I'm frankly teed off with all these johnny-come-latelies who've suddenly jumped on the bandwagon
  9. Kill the Labour Party but save the country. Weirdest superhero dilemma ever!
  10. https://megogo.net/en/films/main Some fine Ukrainian content to see you through lockdown here. Particular highlights include "Frenzied Bus", "Parrot, Who Speaks Yiddish", "Delivery For Margaret Thatcher" and "Fairy Tale About A Loud Drum".
  11. Meenzer

    Scots Money

    In a way I suppose it's a variant of the "pull up the ladder after you" mentality that drove a certain section of the Brexit vote.
  12. And next time I'm up I'll go in and passive-aggressively order 125 grams of rhubarb and custard.
  13. "We have our original old style Avery scales that still measures in pounds and ounces." METRIC MARTYR KLAXON
  14. A rare occasion of the Mackems showing good taste
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