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  1. I suppose I should probably do some work now...
  2. If it's still in the balance come injury time I'm hoping for some Benjamin Massing-esque challenges from the Saudis here. Don't let me down, lads.
  3. Aye, you wouldn't be surprised to see "Messi pen (90+11)" in the records for this one, would you
  4. Howay, we all love a good upset no matter how abhorrent the regime concerned.
  5. Well that's a big country decision
  6. The Saudi captain's name is pronounced Al-Farage, which is nice
  7. I am not, @BBCMOTD, I am not.
  8. What's up with the Dutch orange colour? It looks like orange squash.
  9. They beat Cambodia 14-0 and 10-0 in qualifying, let's show them some respect.
  10. Get Trippier on long shot duty ASAP
  11. Peter Withe A Pint In His Hand. #OnTopic
  12. Just because Wales have finally qualified for a World Cup, there's no need for that
  13. I have no vested interest in ensuring that this takes place and certainly wouldn't want to know exactly what minute of the game they were planning it for
  14. Mind, our squad are a fairly metrosexual bunch. I reckon a couple of them would be up for snogging in front of the corner flag camera.
  15. Shame really. In a tournament where your squad has 26 players and you can make five subs per game, if the teams really wanted to still make the statement without risking losing their best players, they could. Like, get a less central member of the squad like the third GK to start the game with the armband, take the yellow card, then immediately sub them. Once they're banned after the second game, repeat with another junior squad member for as long as you're in the tournament. Obviously that'd be ridiculous too, but if anything it'd highlight the ridiculousness of the wider situation even more effectively.
  16. I was going to go with Ha-Cans Şükür but this is better
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