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  1. Brilliantly tone-deaf, isn't it? "There's an unprecedented global pandemic on, but never mind that, best splash a few grand on a new kitchen so your colleagues don't judge you on your Zoom chats!"
  2. Aye, we're still renting (because London) but we've been looking around at what's available to buy (not here, obviously - near my family, near his family etc.) for what kind of budget, just to get a general idea for when the time inevitably comes for us to up sticks. First thing we've agreed on is absolutely no doer uppers. The whole process of buying and owning already seems massively stressful without moving into somewhere that's not actually ready for you to live in.
  3. If we stay up it's basically going to be because half of the defences in the division are terrified of Saint-Maximin, isn't it? Bruce is going to play him twice a week now until he breaks down again.
  4. Just realised I've forgotten how to celebrate a goal.
  5. Johnson has just stood up in front of the country and said they've done everything they could to prevent deaths, so I think we can safely assume 200k is in the bag.
  6. If only he was the next left.
  7. As if things aren't bad enough already ffs
  8. Maybe he's bored of having to affect a lisp while home schooling for maximum authenticity.
  9. Got elected too. Said he'd be relocating to the UK in due course. Didn't.
  10. Have to admit I don't really get these "restaurant at home" box things. I'm reasonably sure it'd be just as good for all concerned if I donated £20 to a crowdfunder to help keep them afloat and spent the rest on my groceries.
  11. "That is always the difficult part of the Premier League and we understand that, we have found it difficult to score a goal"
  12. Fuck me, Clue is even camper than Lithuanian Eurovision. A fine selection.
  13. I'm telling you, embrace the Lithuanian Eurovision show instead. It's the way forward.
  14. You'd fit right in to the Lithuanian Eurovision semi-final with that.
  15. There's a Lithuanian Eurovision semi-final on that I'm just going to have to watch instead. Shame.
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