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  1. At least they'll feel right at home when The Line hosts WC 2034.
  2. And even then he'd likely have other priorities.
  3. Hard to believe this fella ran into difficulty given his natural curiosity about the world.
  4. Decent work from WSC as usual
  5. Gemmill's mam attempts to placate the pitchfork-wielding Toontastic hordes
  6. Meenzer


    I'm making veggie chilli tonight. I think you win.
  7. And it's LIVE on Sky Sports (so no need for dodgy streams or, worse yet, Radio Newcastle)
  8. [fade to black] On a river where they used to miss the boats...
  9. I know Carabao is a bit minging but that's excessive.
  10. It's almost like it's a real trophy that we don't want to win anyway. (just getting our excuses in early)
  11. Especially when they essentially amount to
  12. Is this really a place? I'm not actually convinced it exists
  13. Fortunately there'll hardly be any supporters there.
  14. Be honest though, that incident fair wrecked a season where we reached the FA Cup final and beat Barcelona in the Champions League.
  15. Wahey! It's going to be a fun few weeks as this stuff intensifies.
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