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    Eddie Howe

    Does Garang Kuol count?
  2. Of course the Germans have a word for that... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevinismus
  3. One might cautiously suggest that Britain needs to be, as it were, insulated
  4. Solidarity mate. We already had to move last year because of landlords selling up, and the agent for our new place got in touch recently because "the landlord is curious of the current market value of the property and would like one of the team to pop around to give him a rough estimate". As I said to the fella, "curious" is a funny way of saying "absolutely shitting himself". So I fully expect we'll be turfed out of here on similar grounds to you when our lease is next up for renewal. Hope you can find something new when the time comes without too much upheaval.
  5. Then do I have the magazine for you:
  6. Surely the best solution is to drain the seas. No more boat crossings - Brexiteers happy. UK now part of continental Europe - Remainers happy. Sorted
  7. Aye same, I added a laugh reaction and everything
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