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  1. Looked on the Dave player but couldn't find "or industry" anywhere
  2. In an extra touch of the bizarre, apparently the rabbi who was the school principal died from the virus last April. You'd think that might have left an impression, but nope.
  3. And if he could pronounce his team's name properly.
  4. Honestly, what the fuck is the point of this kind of announcement? All it tells people is "sure, you're not allowed to have anyone round to your house but we won't police anything that's 14 people or less, so go for it". We're never going to get out of this, are we?
  5. I know it's done the rounds many times but this still makes me laugh
  6. Phone? I read the forum on a ZX Spectrum with 300 baud modem.
  7. Nah, I'm a cynic too but I think the catharsis is absolutely necessary after the last four years. Plenty of problems to be addressed, but it's fine for them to have this day.
  8. It's real, but obviously it's mainly just being awkward at this stage, given it'll be overturned straight away under the new administration. But it's more red tape for them to untangle.
  9. Aye, you really notice it in some of the Southampton/Blackburn clips you see in particular. Not that he was a slouch for us, but christ, if we'd been able to get him even one year earlier... 🙈
  10. Public apologies from the likes of these please. If we're going to have to live with this shitshow, the least I want to see is some fucking humility.
  11. How does he rate on the patented essembee Big Nose Scale?
  12. Mind, walking him would be a bloody good way of making sure people keep their 2 metres
  13. Sacrificing plenty of Londoners too by letting the little plague rats mingle again though. In an unprecedented move for this government, it's the worst of both worlds.
  14. Jinx! Hard to believe we came to such a radical conclusion separately.
  15. If I thought the fans were being histrionic by asking for a team with a hint of ambition going forward, I might consider playing all of my available attackers so I can blame it on the fans when we lose 4-0.
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