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  1. Less "get fucked", more "stick it up your Western Bypass"
  2. That's quite good, by which I mean it's quite bad
  3. It's Lee Ryder, it's quite conceivable that the player doesn't exist.
  4. Delighted for you mate, the weight off your shoulders must be immense. Congrats
  5. And that was with the tiny boost in popularity she'll have got from republicans for killing the Queen
  6. Watched all of this yesterday (this is the kind of fun thing I get up to while the fella's away for the weekend). Fascinating and terrifying in equal measure.
  7. Drink shots, see more goals, remember fewer goals. Sorted
  8. OK I see this has been covered in our match thread with the level-headedness I appreciate about this place, good good
  9. 90+9 minutes, Forest on the attack, game inexplicably stopped for a Liverpool free kick, Liverpool go up the other end and score. Of course. I might have doubted it before but now it's clear The Narrative requires Klopp to win the title on his way out. So that'll be a fun few months for everyone else.
  10. You get this a lot in "gender critical" circles too. People whose friends and family have, with regret, chosen to cut off contact with them because their batshit obsession with trans people ended up dominating their relationship to the exclusion of all else, and yet they still can't see that they might be the problem. Brainwashed. This was quite funny though tbf
  11. To fast-forward things a little, it's also better than that slum
  12. And yet still better than that slum.
  13. I mean, the UK in 2024 is better than that slum in 2019, yes.
  14. Meenzer


    Those are indeed some visual media featuring chefs
  15. Meenzer


    Salt Bae incoming in 3... 2...
  16. Meenzer


    That is indeed a chef
  17. And also having an average age of 9¾
  18. Meenzer


    This bloody song pops into my head way more often than it has any right to
  19. Meenzer


    That's my fault for merging threads, soz
  20. M&S are closing in central Peterborough and pointing people at the branch they've got on a retail park on the ring road instead. Same issue - fine if you're mobile, but not much use if you're not, and meanwhile the high street withers. I don't know what you do about that in the face of internet shopping and a general economic downturn though.
  21. Meenzer

    Gigs 2024

    Joy Oladokun at the Union Chapel on Friday night was absolutely smashing.
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