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  1. Mind, he's not the only virile young buck to have had a productive Saturday.
  2. Are you saying this is a typical scene at whatever lercal has Carling on cheapest?
  3. I'm watching a Norwegian Eurovision semi-final with a big gay bear rapping about fucking around in an open relationship. "I really want to spend my life with you / And bring home a guy or two". Who needs football?
  4. Let's see if we can not concede within a couple of minutes this time
  5. Walk them to Lewisham and you can get soaked and watch the match through my window. Double the fun.
  6. I suspect it'll be the most productive thing to happen in the next two and a half hours
  7. No worries, I've merged them and kept the best of both your work
  8. I'd have less of a problem with the campaigning aspect of it if they weren't simultaneously telling parties to stop putting leaflets through doors ahead of the local elections.
  9. It's got Ted Cruz and AOC to agree on something, so that's already a heck of an achievement.
  10. Aye, it's been a fun read these last few days. While it's obviously a lot to do with generally just fucking things up, I do have a lot of sympathy with the argument that this kind of thing is considered to be fine when it's "them" doing it but not when it's "us". Shedding a bit of light on that isn't such a bad thing.
  11. Just noticed my neighbours have replaced their NHS rainbow with this.
  12. Flashing their TOTs all over the shop
  13. ...I'll leave my Guardianista woke card on the counter.
  14. If we're talking ftm then it's more likely to be massive lads' fannies
  15. It's the US school shooting mentality. "Now is not the time to politicise the issue." Well when fucking is, then?
  16. But our population is so much bigger than New Zealand's and they don't have any densely populated cities unless you include the ones that are.
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