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  1. I see your dad's taking the divorce well
  2. Just seen that Japan's third keeper is called Daniel Schmidt. Excellent stuff.
  3. Even putting aside the human rights aspects, what a fucking weird little country it is. (And so is Qatar, etc etc)
  4. Fluking our way past African teams in green since 1990
  5. Be hilarious if they didn't do a pre-match tribute to him after doing one for Dead Neymar in 2014
  6. Quality stuff, this. The minute-by-minute in the main Serbian tabloid is basically a hate campaign against Xhaka and Shaqiri.
  7. Starting Shaqiri against Serbia after recent events already looks like a canny decision. As long as he doesn't get himself sent off, anyway.
  8. Oh definitely. This is one of my first World Cup memories.
  9. Uruguay are such cunts that I almost enjoy them in a pantomime villain kind of way. Almost.
  10. I assume it's more that people like him have no interest in sitting in opposition when they could be making money elsewhere.
  11. I recommend this. Two minutes slow and steady, one minute increasingly frantic, and a dramatic climax. What more could a boy ask for?
  12. Always good to remove any doubt.
  13. I'll even accept the Mackem lad making the difference here.
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