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  1. Why is an Everton fan trying to troll us Everton are just as irrelevant as we are. Pipe the fuck down.
  2. Fair on all counts. I think perhaps I've given it slack because I think the overall message concerning mental health was important if a bit crudely done in places, but I can see where you're coming from.
  3. What did it lack that you thought it needed? I enjoyed it but it wasn't a typical film in many ways and I could see why it would switch some people off.
  4. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    Completely agree. I doubt we've even paid for scouts to be out there at all given what's gone on.
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    Wait, it's £2.5m a year? Not like a weekly budget as per FM? £2.5m a year!? They're fucked. Their only advantage at that level was the ability to pay past everyone else.
  6. Yep. If Ashley could take over a middle eastern state and commit widespread humanitarian crimes in order to perpetuate his rule, I'm fairly convinced that he, along with most of our ruling class of elite billionaires and politicians, would do so. The difference here is that he hasn't had the opportunity.
  7. One of those comebacks that takes down both parties. A kamikaze comeback.
  8. Precedent Trump

    The fact that the bar is so low for US presidency that it is appropriate for us to be discussing whether or not candidates have undertaken cognitive tests is just... idk what it is, but it's not good.
  9. General Random Conversation..

    Can you not add it to the value of your house in the sale? What's the timeframe for them to complete work on it?
  10. Precedent Trump

    If trump was going to try to make a 'good' argument here, he should be copying Sweden's and should say something like "Yes, deaths are going up but we've decided to head this direction based on the evidence that these deaths are coming either way. For all the prevention in the countries you're talking about, eventually COVID19 will sweep through them. We have chosen to support the economy whilst at the same time utilising our superior healthcare system to test as widely as possible and to combat the infection on an individual to individual level, as needed. As such, the charts I'm suggesting we review are focusing on success as defined by our own strategy, not that of other countries. The reporter might well then pivot to say "Yes but if a vaccine is around the corner then you've taken on this risk with people's lives needlessly". From that point I would suggest Trump point to how long vaccines take to produce and needing to be certain that due process has been followed so as to avoid future health problems that could be far more widespread if we give an injection of a vaccine to everyone in the country. I'm bored this morning.
  11. EPL Independent Investigation Petition

    MF is jaded as fuck now Broadly agree though, I've never really been a believer in the power of petitions. I'll sign it anyway cos you never know but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  12. Tbf to Ashley, I believe him this time. If that exclusivity did indeed lapse on the 26th of June, he's had over a month to fuck this up on his own and has resisted doing so.
  13. The Guardian has published 4 articles about this takeover collapse, with one of them calling this a 'narrow escape' for Newcastle fans https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2020/jul/30/newcastle-united-narrow-escape-takeover-saudi-arabia Absolutely none of these articles are open to comments, naturally.
  14. I mean, it doesn't particularly sound like we were being set up to be the next City anyway. £250m is a lot by our standards but not enough to become a heavyweight... The idea that even this amount was too much of a threat to Spurs and Liverpool is pretty pathetic tbh. Especially for Liverpool who are miles ahead of us. This call for fans to do something, how would that work? Why would the PL care what we think?
  15. Don't think I can go back to Ashley tbh. At least he has genuinely tried to make this happen but honestly I'm just done. There is no way the established order is ever going to let any other club properly break in and I just don't see the point in watching the same season over and over again anymore.
  16. What would the purpose of exclusivity be if the deal was a lock in no matter what?
  17. He could if the exclusivity has lapsed.
  18. Coronavirus

    Is it consistent to believe in both God and aliens simultaneously?
  19. Could this not simply be that the PL has tried to stick all of the issues surrounding the takeover on SA as a state (and therefore their leader), and the bid has resisted the notion that he's actually involved personally. This could be the very argument that we predicted would happen ages back. And if the PL is "requesting clarity" then it suggests that they're looking for an ownership structure that doesn't involve him directly in any way. That shouldn't be difficult at all, one would think.
  20. In fairness, that's just sensible rather than telling.
  21. That ruling, no, not surprising. The fact that the PIF didn't seem to know it was about to hit? Yes, that surprised me a bit. It just implies that we're a side issue IMO.
  22. I think the most telling think about this was the news that Saudi's banning of BeIn came as a surprise to the people managing the bid for us. It's tempting for us to look at this and assume that the whole Saudi kingdom is energised around our takeover, but the reality may be that their fuck on with Qatar and other geopolitical considerations may be far more important to them then the takeover of a PL club. We might not be as high up the list as we all wish we were.
  23. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/23/cybersecurity-at-risk-after-hackers-try-to-sabotage-premier-league-transfer-deal Premier League club hacked mid-transfer deal and only prevented from giving £1m to the hackers by the bank becoming involved. Nailed on this was Charnley falling for a Nigerian Prince email.
  24. General Random Conversation..

    Yep, that was really informative. Thanks for sharing.
  25. Politics

    Jesus. Well I think we can safely assume that the left wingers are not going to calm down and stop criticising Starmer then This party is such a fucking write off now. 4 years of sabotage and infighting await, same as the previous 4 years. Can we not all just fucking concentrate on the fucking Tories?!

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