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Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

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Matches his taste in guitars

The only thing you've rattled is your fleshlight. Cock like a pug's tongue.

Estate agent in doing their job shocker.

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I just listened to the Holy Bible for the first time in years. Fuck, it still sounds absolutely mint. Evoked so many memories of being an angsty teenager and seeing them at the uni on the holy bible tour. So much better than the stadium rock they ended up churning out after Richie fucked off. Gutted I missed the tickets for this tour, seeing them at the roundhouse would have been mint.

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:lol: that's actually my car as well you bastard!




Well, I'm sure it's lovely. Plenty of pockets for your eye liner, blusher and mascara?


(I don't own a car, I'm so manly I propel myself by headbutting the world until it arranges itself how I want it around me.

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They're ace!



I'm not even sure if I'll wear them but they were my favourite band growing up so it was pretty much an impulse buy. They have the track list on the tongues etc :lol:


£60 if you include the $44CAD postage so not too bad as I think that's pretty much what converse cost.

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