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Warren Gatland wonders if England have already played their World Cup final

Wales coach: "We have seen in previous World Cups that teams sometimes play their final in semi-finals and don't always turn up for a final"

Matt Dawson:

If you could choose a combined XV from England and South Africa at this World Cup, you would choose all England players.

So in Saturday's final, if South Africa play exactly the same as they have done throughout the tournament, I think England can handle it.

I cannot see how South Africa's gameplan is going to work against a side who are going to match them physically.






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Saffers were brilliant like. Well played. I think you always need to take positives out of something like this and I would say it’s important to remember most English rugby fans are cunts 

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Oh well, at least the band wagon know it all's jumpers on my timeline will no fuck off back to their normal lives.


Had the game on in the background but sounds like South Africa were worthy winners like.  Great stuff ever since Mandela was alive, because of course, that's what its about init?

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England were absolutely thrashed and had nothing to come back with, when it did not go how they wanted it to go.  This is not the first time that they have been unable to refocus when things are going against them.  

SA definitely deserved to win and irrespective of the political bandwagon which has come out of it, were simply much better on the day.  

Perhaps Gatland was right when he said that England had played their final against NZ.  Jones may want to take back his ridicule now.

Of course, now England lost, we can blame the Aussie coach :) - where is Ken when we don't need him?

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