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Speachless. Goal of the season by a fucking mile.


etc etc


They seemed genuinely amazed by it like the rest of the country.



you are fucking kidding, that twat has sold his soul to the devil



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Page 35 is where Cisse does it again.


Interesting to see them hooting like Gibbons when tiote's face got smashed. One of them starts defending racism at one point.


Any mag wandering into that thread gets shouted down for being on a Sunderland board, all the while forgetting that they're on a 30-plus page thread about NEWCASTLE. Christ alive.

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SAFC can match NUFC’s Euro push - Lee Cattermole


SUNDERLAND captain Lee Cattermole believes the success of arch-rivals Newcastle United should act as an inspiration for his own team to challenge for the Champions League next season.


Because he believes Alan Pardew and his players have proved you don’t need to splash out hundreds of millions of pounds to at least have hope of becoming a top-four Premier League side.


Cattermole risked incurring the wrath of his own fans for daring to throw any sort praise the way of Tyneside, but he did stress that despite Sunderland being some away from Newcastle this season in terms of points and places, he does not think there is anything between the teams in terms of ability.

Martin O’Neill has injected a huge amount of optimism into the Sunderland supporters who are already counting down the days until August when next season begins.


And the Stadium of Light skipper, having watched Newcastle’s rise to the top, insists that gone are the days when entry into the top four was only for clubs with massive fortunes to spend on a yearly basis.

Cattermole said: “It’s good for the Premier League to see what Newcastle United have done this season. They are up there, in and around the Champions League places, and it gives us something to aim for.

“We are not far short of them to be honest. In the games we have played against them, I think we have been stronger than Newcastle, but we will see what happens next season.



“I think it’s good for the Premier League that there are other sides willing to press on and push themselves up against the likes of Tottenham and Everton. Teams, I believe, are starting to catch up a little bit.”


Cattermole did not hesitate to place his own club with those names who have, in recent years, regularly challenged for a European place. Sunderland have only qualified for Europe once in their history, following their 1973 FA Cup final success, and the club captain was adamant that record can be vastly improved when the manager puts together his own team over the summer.


He said: “Martin O’Neill (right) is a great manager and we are a massive club. The boss has so much experience and I think if you look around all the other top clubs in the Premier League then Sunderland are right up there.


“Outside the top four we are as big as anyone and that is where we need to be in the future.

“We need to aim high and under the manager I am sure it is going to be an exciting few years for Sunderland fans.”

Cattermole does not agree with the critics of English football who have claimed there has been a drop-off in terms of quality this season.


In fact, he believes more teams attempt to play in the proper manner than ever before, with the likes of Norwich City and Swansea providing a breath of fresh in their first outing in the top flight.

He said: “There is not a single easy game in the Premier League these days. All teams have got ability in them and there is a lot more football being played.


“There are a lot of strong teams in the league and a lot of sides can finish up there in the top places. Our job is to make sure we are one of them as we have got great support and brilliant manager in place now.”

Sunderland travel to Fulham on Sunday and Cattermole and his team-mates are determined to get a victory that has eluded them in recent weeks.


He said: “It’s still a big match this weekend. Fulham is always a tough place to go and we know what we are up against.”



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Alan Pardew

Like most football fans I usually have massive admiration for Pardew, but he really let himself down last night by goading the Chelsea bench when celebrating Cisse's (not the real Cisse) goals.


It's tarnished their entire season if you ask me. Makes their achievements virtually meaningless.




Sweet Jesus

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What "antics" ?

Was going to say this, he's not really done anything :lol: unless they're referring to him celebrating our goal against them? in which case I'm sure he celebrates all our goals, they jizz themselves over O'neill doing his Franky Detorri impression anytime they score same thing surely?

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The first 2 replies (fair play to them actually, some actually have a sense of humour!)





Also, this gem


Main Newcastle Forum



Toontastic is the truly representative forum of their views, and the forum everything should be lifted from when you want to ridicule them.



edit; am wearing out those smilies posting these

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I will say one thing in his favour; he has clarified the lines.


How anybody who claims to be a Sunderland supporter can be friends to any mag astounds me.


Just know that your friendship means you endorse Pardrew, you endore the Thatcherite, grubby, gravy supping Mag and you push on those who are the products of his mouldy loins.



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They've got ney hairs .


The higher we soar the more sore they get .


They try to find things that aren't there to perpetuate their acidic angst .


On 3Legends tonight, the deservedly much-lampooned, idiotic Horswill was spitting how Tiote was stretchered off - after having been elbowed in the face in a running mid-air collision. "so there's your SUPPOSED HARD MAN going off on a stretcher with oxygen n everything. . "


They do it to themselves, they really do .


The happy being sad backwards .

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there's your SUPPOSED HARD MAN PRESIDENT JFK going off with a bullet in his napper. Walk it off, you puffter.

There's your SUPPOSED HARD LASS running away naked, from her burning village, probably in WWII or something.

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