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3 minutes ago, spongebob toonpants said:

Is the shit show about to start again. The Guardian said this this morning


But I've not seen it mentioned anywhere else


Is she some kind of masochist? 



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36 minutes ago, Gemmill said:

He reminds me of the shrunken head bloke off Beetlejuice. 


Reminds me of one these characters.....




"I've been very clear, never expect anything good from a man who looks like a fish and is even colder and wetter than a fish. Or a Tory."

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7 minutes ago, Meenzer said:

Obviously the concept of a uniform national swing is nonsense, but this is too delicious not to post :lol:




Tories will be campaigning for PR at this rate.

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4 minutes ago, Alex said:

Has anyone checked on Owen Jones? 

I’ve actually looked at his timeline for the day and it’s mostly anti Tory tweets but still a few anti Labour tweets thrown in for good measure. No mention of the polls at all surprisingly.



Funny that, when you spend so much time attacking moderates and centrists that eventually they bite back.

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