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Arsenal vs Newcastle United

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Comfortable 3-0 to Arsenal. I only say 3-0 because Arsenal will (hopefully) want to conserve their energy for the remainder of the busy Winter calendar.


Somehow when the result is a forgone conclusion both sides seem to be affected. The side with no hope find a determination to resist and freedom of expression born out of the low expectation, while the expected victors can lose an edge to their game due to unintentional complacency.

So after carefully considering these factors which do come along to surprise us time and time again, I am in no doubt that we are about to have our backsides tanned against Arsenal as the first part of my post perpetuates the cycle of false hope before crushing disappointment which is what life is all about for a Newcastle United fan.
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McClaren's negative tactics will see Arsenal with the majority of possession, they have the players to pick us off and they will.


No less than 4 goals conceded here, as much as it pains me to say it. McClaren will never change the way he sets the team out, he is as deluded as Pardew when it comes to match analysis.

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I was at the game a couple of seasons ago where we crumbled and conceded 7. That team had more fight than this lot, so fuck knows what will happen this time.

To be fair, we'd just had an end to end 4-3 defeat to Man U, then played these a couple of days later in another end to end game. It was the last twenty minutes where they benefited from having their other Christmas game called off because of a tube strike, (whey aye) and our lots legs started to go. (You couldn't knock our players as two games in a few days at Old Trafford and at Arsenal would always take their toll especially against a fresher team thanks to them doing a form of 'Boro' to suit their teams needs).

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