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1 minute ago, PaddockLad said:

Could be wrong but I think the source for this might be that cunty smog journo who's forever shit stirring about us.  So likely to be shite. This window anyway. 


Wouldnt surprise me, he seems happy here.

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Sounds like bollocks, he said this only yesterday it doesnt sound like a player who’s about to leave 


“The fans want signings so I am sure they are pleased and it will be good for the group,” said Ritchie.

“When a new player comes in, it not only boosts the fans but the players in the squad as well because everyone wants to impress in training.”



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Aye I think that’s bollocks about Ritchie.


The player wanting a move away is Shelvey, apparently he was confident and wanted a break clause put in his lease and the homeowner agreed as long as it could be activated by both. Doesn’t look like he got his move and apparently the person he’s renting off activated the break clause as they wanted him out anyway. Could be bollocks but it’s just what I heard. 

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14 minutes ago, TheGingerQuiff said:


Could just say nowt/stay out of it

He could but it wouldn't surprise me if Talksport have some sort of contract which allows them access to premier league players as part of their package with the league.  Anyone Sky/Talksport/Papers are all going to ask our players similar questions and none of them are going to say what we'd like them to say about the fat cunt who owns the club.  If he was a bit more intelligent he might have been able to come up with something that didn't piss our fans off as well as not pissing off his bosses.  But he's a footballer and no one has every accused them of being intelligent.

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