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Newcastle United: Club Sold To PCP - Official

The Mighty Hog

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1 hour ago, ewerk said:

After trying to ruin them the Saudis are now trying to buy (at least a stake in) BeIN. 

I hope Hairy Hands has his pension sorted.


I don't. I hope he ends up penniless and destitute, the fucking neanderthal cunt.

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On 15/10/2022 at 19:07, Monkeys Fist said:

It’d make a change from his daughter’s mates. 

Careful, that kind of stuff will get you blocked on twitter.

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2 hours ago, Gemmill said:

You can put it off when the daft jock lass claims Wilson fouled Lloris. 

As soon as shes put under the spot about Wilson standing his ground she starts stuttering.  Slack cunt.

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