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Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

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I feel sorry for Fish Jr.    Fish-“ I think the character progression between season 1 and 2 leaves a lot to be desired- what’s the motivation for him to keep returning to the garden,  and w

Dave man!

In the ancient & Royal Scottish Border Burgh of Jedburgh the house where MQOS rode out from to visit her injured lover Boswell at Hermitage Castle in Liddesdale still exists, as does the blood soa

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8 hours ago, Tom said:

Anyone been to see a film in 4DX? 

Im half tempted as it’s basically the same price with that meerkat shite and it looks proper daft.

Years ago I went to flamingo land with a lass I was seeing, she wanted to go on the 4D spongebob experience. The seat lurched you about, it smelt weird and they sprayed water in your face.


Imagine that is exactly the same, and really useful to you.

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Watched 1917 last night, as stories go don't expect any cliffhangers or twists or anything at the end but it's brilliantly shot and looks pretty realistic. I enjoyed it purely because of that. If you've seen Dunkirk and liked that then you'll like this as this is a comfortably better film and Dunkirk was ok. It's a WW1 version of Apocalypse Now* mixed with saving Private Ryan.



* Or I thought it would be till the 'rogue' colonel at the front accepts his superior's orders without too much fuss.


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