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Film/moving picture show you most recently watched


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7 hours ago, RobinRobin said:

Needed a better agent imho 🙂 

Na, his career was fine. It's all the academy's fault. Tell me an actor who pissed themself on camera better than Paxton in True Lies. They should have created an Oscar for that. Cunts.

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1 hour ago, Sonatine said:

Not out until next year but based on the Fallout games, and actually looks pretty good.



They’ve definitely nailed the visuals, looks very close to the game. 

It’ll be interesting to see what the story is. 

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32 minutes ago, Monkeys Fist said:

I watched a French Art House film last week about a bloke who’s obsession was breaking in to libraries and pouring meat juices on all the non-fiction books. 

Baste on a true story, apparently…

Porn hub have so many categories these days you can lose track.

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On 09/12/2023 at 15:16, Christmas Tree said:

Leave the world behind.


Steaming pile of shite

I agree, it was terrible. 

Literally nothing happened apart from a herd of deer's trying to look tough and a teenagers teeth falling out.

Oh, and Julia Roberts trying and failing to dance sexy.😂

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Everything Everywhere All at Once



I really do like  Michelle Yeoh, I've actually got a bit of a crush on her.

But this film was crap, too much for my head to take in🤣

If you are a smart ass clever shite, you'll like it. I'm not and I didn't.

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30 minutes ago, Kevin Carr's Gloves said:

It sounds like a gritty film about life in a seaside town near redcar

It’s about posh fuckers who go to Cambridge and live in basically a castle 

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